SPS Roundtable: Managing Sales & Marketing’s Digital and Cultural Transformation

Industrial Executive Discussion Digital leaders are 3x more likely to overcome pressures from ambitious targets, change management, and rigid mentalities. But what defines a digital leader, and how are sales and marketing leaders embracing change to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow their business not only to survive but thrive? Join a select group of industry peers for a breakfast roundtable before SPS to discuss where executives can thrive over the next 12 months. For registration details, please click here to email Dana Polihovsky. Discussion Topics Adapting to change (complexity, competition, consolidation, etc.) Sustaining innovation during rapidly changing times Better serving customers’ experience requirements across generations Elevating product sellers to consultative, outcome-based, value advisors Transformation in general (human transformation)


Blurring Traditional Sales Boundaries

The B2B Engagement Podcast with IBM Guest: Marc Weber, VP of Global Sales at IBM Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and follow The B2B EngagementApple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this insightful conversation about sales' role in the customer journey, Gavin Finn and Marc Weber explore critical topics and actionable insights. Foremost, they emphasize the importance of empathy and authenticity in sales. Building trust with customers hinges on understanding their needs and being genuinely transparent. As the conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that the shift from transactional sales to a relationship-oriented approach is crucial. This shift means breaking down silos and aligning product marketing, product management, and sales to focus on…


Stop selling. Start problem-solving. | Live Podcast

Did you know that 55% of B2B sales and marketing leaders lack confidence in their team's ability to deliver consistent and compelling selling experiences? (Forrester Consulting report) Join Andrew DeLaO, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at GE HealthCare, and Gavin Finn to discuss: Creating an actionable, multi-year transformation plan What starting and ending with a patient looks like - from a marketing perspective Closing the gap between sellers and compelling sales experiences Refocusing sellers on customer needs  Engaging high-level stakeholders in sales conversations Get your questions answered LIVE! For every participant on the live podcast, we will donate $10 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!


6 Podcasts With Strategic Insights for CEOs

Source: Inc. In a fast-paced business culture where time is precious, podcasts have emerged as a valuable resource for CEOs to learn on the go. Joel Comm, for Inc., recently identified the top six podcasts that provide executive-level strategic insights. Among such greats as "The Tim Ferriss Show" and "Masters of Scale," Comm included "The B2B Engagement Podcast" by Kaon Interactive. This monthly podcast, hosted by Kaon's CEO Gavin Finn, provides innovative strategies, ideas, and tactics for business leaders in complex B2B environments. It discusses personalized customer experiences, technology use in customer engagement, and the role of content marketing in B2B sales. So far, guests include leaders from IBM, SDI, HPE, and TE Connectivity. For busy CEOs, these podcasts offer…


The Art of the Digital Sales Room

“By 2026, 30% of B2B sales cycles will be managed through digital sales rooms, which will then be used to manage the customer life cycle.” -- Gartner In today’s ruthless sales environment, Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) allow B2B companies to provide buying teams with a curated, self-service buying experience. As a critical ally to the sales team, marketing plays a crucial role in designing standout DSRs that allow buyers to research independently and help reps sell. (Forbes) Why limit yourself to a DSR when you can create a Digital Customer Experience for your buyers? Digital Environments Virtual Reality (and Non-Immersive VR) Interactive Storytelling


From an Afterthought to a Value Driver

The B2B Engagement Podcast with SDI Guest: Chris Moore, CEO & President Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and follow The B2B EngagementApple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, Gavin is joined by Chris Moore, a supply chain veteran with over 30 years of experience. Dive into the transformative journey that has elevated the supply chain landscape from a cost-centric afterthought to a realm of strategic value creation. Join us for an insightful exploration of the supply chain's evolution and the profound shift from transactional to transformational collaborations. Discover how data, innovation, and the human touch are reshaping the future of B2B engagements, empowering businesses to thrive in a dynamic landscape.…


2024 Strategic Impact | Aligning Sales and Marketing In the Digital Sales Journey

What are executives focusing on when everything seems to be a priority? As we delve into the second half of 2023 and set our sights on 2024, the challenges are clear: Higher Spending Scrutiny: Budgets are under intense scrutiny, demanding every spend be justified with a tangible return on investment. Resource Limitations: Limited resources mean balancing short-term objectives with long-term innovation and growth. Rapid AI Developments: As AI advances swiftly, customer expectations are rising, requiring businesses to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape. Changing Buyer Dynamics: Larger buying groups, a desire for self-discovery, and the need to influence buyers across channels before they purchase are reshaping the B2B buying journey. We invite you to join this exclusive discussion and…


How to Communicate Complex Value in a Digital-First World

In this conversation, Gavin Finn, Shawn Reilly, and Steven Feinstein discuss the digital transformation of customer engagement in the B2B space. Here are the key takeaways: Shift Towards Digital Engagement: The pandemic accelerated the trend of buyers preferring digital engagement, even in complex B2B scenarios. Digital interactions throughout the sales cycle have become essential and are expected to persist post-pandemic. Importance of Digital Storytelling: Analog Devices transformed its approach from a product-focused company to a solution-oriented one through digital storytelling. They partnered with Kaon to create 3D applications that allow users to explore independently and understand how products fit into applications. Empowering Customers: Analog Devices empowered customers to drive their own experience through these applications. It allows prospects and customers…

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Kaon Interactive Launches The B2B Engagement Podcast

MAYNARD, Mass., Aug. 28, 2023 -- Kaon Interactive, a leading provider of B2B interactive sales and marketing software applications, has launched a new podcast focused on the latest insights into B2B customer engagement. Titled The B2B Engagement Podcast, the show tackles the real-life challenges faced by B2B marketing and sales teams with practical solutions. With an emphasis on in-depth conversations relating to the industries of IT, life sciences, and industrial, the monthly show brings listeners behind the scenes of cutting-edge innovation and strategy behind the B2B strategies of the world's largest companies. Join Kaon Interactive CEO Gavin Finn and members of Kaon's senior team as they welcome guests from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies to share practices on adapting to change, sustaining innovation, and…


Thermo Fisher Scientific – Maximize Impact through Strategic Investment

If putting customers at the center of their business was so easy, every company would do it - but they don’t. Why? Well, it’s hard to do! It’s hard to create unique experiences for all your customers and your sales team to leverage when you have not made it part of the bones of your company. Great news! Driven by sales and marketing leadership, Thermo Fisher Scientific has invested in Kaon Interactive's CX platform to help sellers effectively compete, communicate differentiation, put customers first, win deals – and create economic value along the way. Smaller budgets shouldn’t mean smaller pipelines. Don’t let competing priorities unfairly force you to do less with less and not make a positive impact on business…


NetApp Digital Customer Engagement Delivering Results

Bringing business value to life with interactive experiences The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) recognized this application with a Communicator Award of Excellence for B2B Marketing Effectiveness. Technology solutions are complex, and NetApp customers have many options when selecting solutions for modernizing and securing data storage, simplifying operations, optimizing revenue streams, and lowering risk. Differentiation is key and helping your customers and prospects recognize that NetApp is more than a storage company is critical to, not only growth but, survival in this dynamic IT marketplace.  Inspire customers with exciting experiences to demonstrate that NetApp understands their challenges and prompts their curiosity to learn more and dive deeper. Whether in-person or virtual, Kaon’s interactive, digital, customer engagement applications provide…


Win the Differentiation Game

Getting a Complex Message Across in a Self-Serve World How can B2B sellers consistently and cost-effectively tell personalized value stories - across multiple channels - in today’s self-serve landscape? Buyers are more independent than ever, and with a world of information at their fingertips, the window for sellers to directly influence the decision-making process is shrinking. In fact, Gartner found that B2B buyers will only spend 5% of their time with all sales reps from multiple suppliers when considering a purchase. How can sales leaders adapt and stand out from the rest? In an age of self-service, how can sales teams leverage new trends in buyer preferences? Join Kaon and a select group of industry leaders at this Meet the…

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Selling Virtually: Tecan’s 3D Product Demonstrations Generate Higher-Qualified Leads

Strengthening Product Communication Tecan’s Partnering Business specializes in the development, production, and distribution of automated workflow solutions for OEM customers in life sciences, diagnostics, and clinical applications. Tecan Cavro® offers off-the-shelf and customizable liquid handling components from pumps to robotics. For example, the Cavro® Omni Robot is a general-purpose liquid handling component designed to offer reliable pipetting for a wide range of applications, including clinical diagnostics, life sciences, and analytical chemistry. Its flexible, modular construction makes the Omni easy to integrate into almost any instrument design, but it presents a dizzying array of configurations. This layer of product complexity creates a significant challenge for Tecan’s OEM division when trying to communicate the full value of their offering to design engineers…


Differentiating SDI’s Go-to-Market Strategy with Digital Customer Engagement

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes In a fast-paced world where traditional sales and marketing approaches often fall short, companies face the challenge of effectively communicating their unique value proposition and standing out from the competition. The buying journey has evolved, with buyers spending a mere 17% of their time with potential vendors. In this fiercely competitive landscape, engaging customers at every touchpoint has become a crucial business differentiator. Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, SDI, a pioneer in the digital supply chain solutions industry, embarked on a mission to bring digital transformation to the buyer's journey. They understood that to revolutionize their sales process and go-to-market experience, they needed a game-changer. That's when they partnered with Kaon Interactive, a…