Eliminate unnecessary costs and supercharge omnichannel customer engagement with a transformative enterprise-wide platform.

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The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform® delivers value at every touchpoint of the marketing and sales cycle. We create all of our customer applications on this extensible platform that enables you to develop once, use everywhere, and maintain always – for unlimited users.

Not only will you save money on redevelopment and maintenance costs, but you also will increase efficiency by avoiding one-and-done content creation. Whether online or offline, in-person or virtual, create one interactive sales and marketing application that can be used anywhere in today’s hybrid buyer’s journey and will be updated in real-time to ensure sellers always have the most relevant messaging.

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Discover how you can maximize marketing ROI, reduce product demo costs, facilitate value-based sales conversations, increase win rates, and elevate buyer enablement.
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Accelerate tech innovation (3D, AR, VR) and seamlessly integrate with powerful APIs (CRM, email automation, e-commerce) to provide long-term value and ROI. Our platform connects the applications, data, technology, and devices that power your 360° digital sales and marketing transformation.

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Augmented Reality

Increase engagement and buying confidence. Place a virtual, to scale, 3D Product Model or scene in a customer’s environment to show unique product workflow and process within their actual physical space.

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Virtual Reality

Capture attention and memorability when you fully immerse prospects in a 360° simulated B2B environment (laboratory, data center, factory). Users can explore a newly-configured virtual space at scale to try before they buy or simply gain better understanding of your value differentiation.

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Buying complex enterprise solutions requires an army – 10 to 17 according to recent research*. Bring everyone together, regardless of geography, title, or device, to collaborate and share experiences that validate and accelerate decision-making (calculators, configurators, whiteboarding, storytelling, LiveShare®).

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Reusability & Maintenance

Developed once. Used everywhere. Maintained always. Delivering substantial ROI. Our SaaS platform was built and designed to provide enterprise-wide, long-term cost avoidance. We deploy your application on unlimited operating systems and devices, to unlimited users around the world, without any additional maintenance fees. Simply put, your application will always work wherever your people (sellers, marketers, partners, trainers) and prospects are.

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Customer Success

Our User Adoption & Advocacy Program will lay the groundwork early, by providing enterprise roadmap visualization, training, end-user feedback, actionable analytics, and KPI-ROI alignment to make sure your objectives are achieved.

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Kaon’s platform model is structured with options to suit your company’s business needs.

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*Gartner: “New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales”

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