Shared Digital Experiences

Simplifying complex value for the new hybrid buyer’s journey

Increase customer engagement everywhere with shared digital experiences! Whether online or offline, in-person or virtual, omnichannel customer engagement is paramount in today’s hybrid buyers’ journey. Kaon helps to distill your solution and value message down to the simplest parts so that your prospects can better understand the complex pieces and get to “yes” quicker. We custom-build and design all of our award-winning applications, tailored to your buyers, and deploy them on our stable and robust platform.

Help customers learn, choose, buy.

70% of the B2B buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer reaches out to sales. When doing self-discovery, interactivity has been proven to increase customer engagement, communicate personalized value, and elevate knowledge retention during the early, self-service part of the buying journey.

Uncover the Value

Discover how you can maximize marketing ROI, reduce product demo costs, facilitate value-based sales conversations, increase win rates, and elevate buyer enablement.
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Interactivity matters!

Change the flow of the conversation from reaction to action by putting prospects in control to navigate and discover your relevant value based on persona, industry, or product, increasing knowledge retention by 75%.

Explore the elements of our share digital experience applications – mix and match them to best suit your customer and business needs.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure solution storytelling interactive application

Solution Storytelling

Simplify complex stories with visually engaging applications that help customers uncover and understand your value, consistently.

Baker Hughes GE Flow Valve 3D Product Tour

3D Product Tours

Visualize, configure, customize and engage customers with photo-realistic 3D product tours that improve conversion rates by 50%.

Space Planning Lab Design Tool

Lab Design Tool

Immediately visualize new space designs to optimize layout, create efficiencies, build purchasing consensus, and justify purchasing decisions.

Kaon Buyer's Journey with Kaon Platform application deployment

Power of Our Platform

Create once, and use everywhere. The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform® delivers value at every touchpoint of the marketing and sales cycle.

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*Gartner: “New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales”