How to Communicate Complex Value in a Digital-First World

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By Jennifer Hollingsworth, Digital Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager

In this conversation, Gavin Finn, Shawn Reilly, and Steven Feinstein discuss the digital transformation of customer engagement in the B2B space. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Shift Towards Digital Engagement: The pandemic accelerated the trend of buyers preferring digital engagement, even in complex B2B scenarios. Digital interactions throughout the sales cycle have become essential and are expected to persist post-pandemic.
  • Importance of Digital Storytelling: Analog Devices transformed its approach from a product-focused company to a solution-oriented one through digital storytelling. They partnered with Kaon to create 3D applications that allow users to explore independently and understand how products fit into applications.
  • Empowering Customers: Analog Devices empowered customers to drive their own experience through these applications. It allows prospects and customers to explore deeply, making them well-informed before initial conversations with sales teams. This approach empowers sellers to send application links to prospects during virtual meetings, creating more engaging and interactive discussions.
  • Transforming Sales Teams: Fortinet focuses on transforming sales teams into problem solvers and consultants, especially when dealing with generalist salespeople. The goal is to demonstrate a deep understanding of customers’ business and technology needs, building trust and leading to more successful sales outcomes.
  • Building Trust in a Digital Environment: In a digital environment, building trust requires becoming a credible and valued resource for customers. Trust is essential, even in remote interactions, and digital platforms play a vital role in establishing this trust.
  • Platform-Based Solutions: Both Analog Devices and Fortinet emphasize the importance of having a platform rather than separate point solutions. This platform can be updated regularly to provide valuable insights and is cost-effective and reusable.
  • Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing: Successful digital transformations require close collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Sales teams should be actively involved in the deployment and future evolution of digital solutions.
  • Analytics and Integration: Capturing analytics in digital communications is vital. Analog Devices integrated their application into a virtual event environment and correlated data with attendee registration information. While they didn’t use popular CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot, they effectively managed and analyzed data internally.

Overall, these discussions highlighted the importance of digital engagement, customer empowerment, and collaboration between sales and marketing teams in the B2B space’s digital transformation journey.

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