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Be ready for the metaverse with tailored B2B digital reality experiences.

Kaon VR® (virtual reality) is the only B2B sales and marketing solution available that fully immerses users in a digitally simulated environment (such as a virtual data center or a virtual laboratory) on an extendable and scalable platform.

This digital reality experience allows users to explore a real-world location virtually. It’s perfect for briefing center tours, product demonstrations, and other events where people need to see and feel the space before making a purchase decision.

Use VR to turn your existing interactive application into a new experience so prospects can explore life-size, lifelike product models or configure their to-scale, realistic laboratory space (or any business space) and equipment in real-time to show how your solutions can be personalized to meet specific needs.

Kaon is the first enterprise sales and marketing platform to bring VR experiences to every device, extending the value of your existing VR application from headsets to mobile devices, computers, touch screens, and even the web.

“This is something that pushes the envelope, creates a lasting impression, and can offer us long-term extensibility. We took a big swing here and it worked very well.”

— Becky Kelly, Director of Solutions Marketing Strategy at Lumen

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