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Kaon Interactive’s LiveShare Wins Best New Product of the Year from Business Intelligence Awards

MAYNARD, Mass., Nov. 29, 2022 -- Kaon Interactive's virtual B2B sales meeting and collaboration experience LiveShare® has been awarded New Product of the Year in Business Intelligence's 2022 BIG Awards for Business. The award recognizes companies' new products that have produced industry-leading innovation. LiveShare launched in early 2022 to solve the unique pressing challenges experienced by B2B enterprise sales teams as they transitioned to today's digital-first remote and hybrid work. Tailored specifically for B2B sales meetings, LiveShare was designed around the philosophy that sales meetings must actively engage all participants rather than rely on passive screen sharing to avoid distraction, a lack of individual personalization, and limited participation. LiveShare's Core Benefits Accelerate buying and reveal more accurate customer needs through buyer self-discovery and…


Where Executives See Marketing Opportunity in Economic Uncertainty

Did you know only 5% of companies are able to outperform competitors during recessions? Join us at this webinar to discuss: Why CEOs are prioritizing becoming digital leadersHow digital marketing allows companies to do more with lessHow sellers are adapting to self-service and self-discovery customer demandsWhy investment in digital customer engagement increased revenue by 70%How to reallocate resources to fund higher-yield return


Dell Enables Sales to Focus on Customer Outcomes that Matter Most, Not Dell Products

Interactive Experiences Dell Technologies’ digital transformation journey started with the need to show the value of its complex products during in-person sales meetings. A Kaon customer since 2001, the Dell Interactive Solution Application dives deep into the insides of more than 50 products, demonstrating their value story across the world, on every device. Eighty-eight percent of sales users say the application helps them qualify leads and close deals. Dell continues to expand the application with more value stories and updated 3D Product Tours. Dell launched the newest expansion – the Computer Vision and Edge Interactive Application – within the larger application to showcase its computer vision solution at Dell Technologies World 2022.  "All discussions start off with the customer's current…


How Sales and Marketing Leaders Digitally Transform in Economic Uncertainty

How do sales and marketing leaders achieve corporate growth in a recession? Analysts at McKinsey have deemed that digital leaders are 3x more likely to achieve above-industry revenue and margin growth during a recession. But what defines a "digital leader," and how, during economic uncertainty, do sales and marketing leaders pivot to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow their business to not only survive but thrive? Join a select group of industry peers to discuss where executives are seeing an opportunity to thrive over the next 12 months, despite economic uncertainty. Discussion Topics How is the recession driving changes in B2B companies?How has recent change (complexity, competition, consolidation, and customer needs) shifted business strategy and focus?How will customer expectations change…


Digitally Transforming Labs with the Kaon Lab Design Tool

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Until recently, diagnostic and research laboratories had never been in the public spotlight. That changed as the global focus shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, nightly news stories brought diagnostic labs’ life-saving work – and also the limitations and, perhaps, mishaps – to mass audiences. That brought increased pressure to update, optimize, and process to an already stressful situation. Whether you are a device manufacturer helping labs update and optimize equipment and workflow or you are a commercial lab trying to refine your space to keep up with demand, it’s clear that the way we were working isn’t working.  “The world has changed, and the requirements are no longer static or even predictable. Not only…


Tried and Tested: The Digital Future in Laboratory Design and Management

How are you transforming your lab planning and management to stay competitive in the new digital landscape? Digital transformation of the lab is in high gear, with many new technologies and approaches to enhance the scientific process and achieve greater results, at faster and lower costs. The competition is fierce, and expectations of those designing and managing labs are increasingly being challenged. It’s essential to stay ahead of constant change and have high expectations of agility in daily operations, including space and workflow optimizations. Leading lab managers achieve this by leveraging new digital approaches that are reducing overall cost, time, and resources. They’re doing this while increasing stakeholder communication and buy-in -- from real-time data and automation to digital twin…


Shifting Digital B2B Sales & Marketing Needs in Europe

Meeting the Demands of 4D Buyer Engagement Tune into this moderated panel to learn how EU enterprise marketing pioneers enable and engage buyers in today’s 4D selling landscape (digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven). Discussion points include: Adapting to industry trends and rapid shifts/changesAccelerating the transformation of sales/marketingCreating consensus and trust among stakeholdersUnderstanding customers' experience requirements and their desire for controlPlanning for long-term, non-linear customer engagement journeysCommunicating complex stories and outcomesAgile and strong cross-functional approaches for growth


The Digital Pivot: Pragmatic & Progressive Measures to Fight the Recession

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes An unfortunate reality that goes without question is that the economy will always rise and fall. The inevitable ebbs and flows of commerce, now more than ever, seem like the natural order of things; what goes up, must eventually come down. Like any recession, depression, or disaster, what matters most is not how we’re affected, but how we adjust to the situation to thrive. This principle applies no differently to the digital landscape of B2B enterprises.  In today’s volatile, post-pandemic economy, a crucial part of being adaptable is being able to think ahead of the catastrophe and take the strategic actions necessary to mitigate risk. If we start to see layoffs, budget cuts, and loss…


Thriving in Challenging Financial Times

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Why visionary leaders see opportunity when others see challenges. It’s officially here. 2022 ushered in the first US economic recession since 2009. So how should you, as a business leader, respond?  The data says, quickly and decisively, if you’re to take advantage of this opportunity and limit risk.  Marketing leadership’s outlook. In their annual Pulse Survey, PwC provided a glimpse into how other CMOs and Marketing leaders view their organizations' challenges as we enter an environment we haven’t experienced since 2009.  On average, marketing leaders had a 10% bleaker outlook on how the macroeconomic environment would impact their company across all categories compared to their C-suite colleagues. The top concerns reported were tax policy changes,…


How CMOs Can Emerge Stronger During the Impending Recession

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes According to Gartner, 70% of companies don’t regain their pre-recession growth levels in the 3-years following a recession, and only 5% of companies consistently achieve profitable growth above their competitors coming out of recession (simultaneously growing revenue and profit margin quarter-to-quarter). These are staggering numbers. The question is, WHY? Analysts like McKinsey have deemed that digital leaders are 3x more likely to achieve above-industry revenue and margin growth during a recession. But what defines a ‘digital leader’ and how, during a recession, do you pivot to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow you not just to survive but thrive? What is a Digital Leader? Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency,…