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Kaon Boosts Parker Hannifin’s Market Growth

Meet Revenue Targets with Sales and Marketing Transformation HOUSTON – Kaon Interactive, the leader in interactive marketing and sales applications for global B2B companies, is proud to announce its partnership with Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE: PH), the global leader in motion and control technologies. Kaon’s digital interactive technology is set to enhance Parker Hannifin's customer engagement strategy, fostering adaptation in today'sdigital, fast-paced, and ever-evolving world. Parker has chosen the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform to help accelerate its digital transformation, focusing on interactive customer engagement applications. Kaon's solutions enable dynamic customer interaction, allowing them to explore and understand the impact and value of various Parker technologies. This initiative aligns with Parker's target to achieve organic growth in key markets by…


Empowering Talent and Innovation through Ecosystem Synergy

The B2B Engagement Podcast with IBM Guest: Meredith Stowell, VP, Ecosystem at IBM Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and subscribe to The B2B Engagement podcast!Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, Gavin dives deep into the world of ecosystem strategies with Meredith Stowell, VP, Ecosystem at IBM. Meredith shares insights on how IBM builds and leverages its diverse ecosystem of partners, including ISPs, academic institutions, and skills training programs, to drive industry growth and innovation. She discusses the critical integration of sales and marketing teams in these efforts, illustrating how collaborative approaches enhance customer success and open new avenues for talent acquisition. Throughout the conversation, Meredith emphasizes the importance of…


4 Key Questions To Boost B2B Digital Buyer Engagement

In the evolving B2B landscape, face-to-face meetings are no longer paramount. Digital engagement leads the buyer journey. In a conversation with Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive, he highlighted key shifts in sales strategy. Salespeople must adapt to an online-first approach where over 70% of buyers' research occurs before speaking with a salesperson. Decision-making often involves multiple stakeholders, so personalized, data-driven strategies are crucial. Keys for CEOs to Drive Success Understand the Buyer: Equip your sales team with deep insights into customer pain points to craft compelling value propositions and personalized engagement strategies. Strengthen Digital Presence: Ensure robust, multi-channel digital platforms to engage potential buyers effectively, providing a cohesive and interactive online experience. Create Valuable Content: Develop high-quality, relevant content…


Helping CEOs Become More Strategic

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, CEOs need access to actionable insights and guidance to navigate their complex roles. Podcasts have emerged as a valuable resource, offering interviews and advice from industry leaders on the go. Among CEO Weekly's must-listen podcasts for chief executives is The B2B Engagement by Kaon Interactive. Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top podcasts for strategic insights, The B2B Engagement has also won a Communicator Award of Excellence from the AIVA. Hosted by Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive, this podcast dives deep into marketing, sales, and buyer engagement strategies for B2B enterprises. It features discussions with executives from the world's largest companies, providing a C-suite glimpse into growth drivers in today's…


Scaling for Hypergrowth via Digital Transformation

The B2B Engagement Podcast with Red Hat Guest: Francis Chow, VP and GM at Red Hat Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and subscribe to The B2B Engagement podcast!Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, we delve into scaling for hypergrowth with industry luminary Francis Chow. Francis discusses his journey, from engineer to leading billion-dollar businesses. Explore the importance of adopting agile and scalable solutions, breaking down silos for rapid innovation, and leveraging AI and data to drive efficiencies in the digital age. Gain practical strategies for navigating the complexities of scaling technologies across diverse industries in today's dynamic business landscape. The B2B Engagement Podcast is powered by Kaon Interactive. Join…


Engaging B2B Customers in a Digital-First World

In the evolving B2B sales landscape, traditional methods like cold calls and lengthy in-person meetings are dwindling. Instead, buyers now conduct significant online research before engaging with sales teams. With 80% of B2B purchases predicted to be made through digital channels by 2025, B2B companies must adapt for a digital-first approach. Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive, highlights that B2B buyers often disengage from traditional sales interactions until they are 70% through their buying journey. This disengagement stems from information overload and the myriad of decision-makers in buying groups. How to Adapt? Focus on Value-Centric Engagement Interactive Content: Use tools like ROI calculators, personalized demos, and data-driven case studies to educate and engage prospects early. Personalization: Tailor marketing messages to…


2024 H2 Impact: Achieve Sales & Marketing Goals in an Omnichannel Buying Journey

When everything seems to be a priority, what are executives focusing on? As we dive into preparations for the second half of 2024, the demand to meet immediate marketing and sales objectives remains pronounced. The challenges are clear: Spending Scrutiny: Budgets are under intense scrutiny, demanding every euro spent be justified with a tangible return on investment. Resource Limitations: Balancing short-term objectives with long-term innovation and growth with limited resources. Rapid AI Developments: As AI advances swiftly, customer expectations are rising, requiring businesses to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape. Changing Buyer Dynamics: Larger buying groups, a desire for self-discovery, and the need to influence buyers across channels before they purchase are reshaping the B2B buying journey. We invite…


From Tactical to Strategic B2B Marketing

The B2B Engagement Podcast with Ciena Guest: Rebecca Smith, CMO at Ciena Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and subscribe to The B2B Engagement podcast!Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, Gavin dives into the dynamic world of B2B marketing transformation with Rebecca Smith, CMO at Ciena. Rebecca shares her journey from consumer goods to high-tech B2B marketing, revealing invaluable insights along the way. Explore how marketing is evolving from a tactical function to a strategic sales partner, and learn practical strategies for nurturing customer relationships, crafting compelling narratives, and fostering collaboration between marketing and sales teams. The B2B Engagement Podcast is powered by Kaon Interactive. Join us as we explore…


Are Company Leaders Keeping Up with AI?

How are company leaders keeping up with AI integration? Kaon Interactive CEO Gavin Finn discusses this and assesses the sales landscape for this year. He also talks about concerns for company leaders as the second quarter begins. Topics include: How to use digital platforms as a competitive weapon The need to define and better communicate differentiated value to your buyers Why digital customer engagement strategies are helping drive market share Keeping up with AI and using it for customer personalization


10 Strategic Questions Every B2B CEO Must Ask in 2024

In the digitized B2B marketplace, CEOs must sharpen their digital platforms into a competitive advantage to address the complexities of a multi-stakeholder environment where digital channels increasingly dominate buyer interactions. Jon Stojan, in Digital Journal, underscores the urgency for strategic overhauls in sales and marketing approaches, with Gavin Finn of Kaon Interactive emphasizing key questions that probe the digital readiness of a company and its distinct value proposition in the market. Leaders are urged to consider how their digital presence can outshine rivals and be a strategic asset to attract and retain customer attention. Finn's pivotal question is how a company's differentiated value positions them uniquely in the market — and, crucially, how this differentiation is conveyed compellingly to buyers…


B2B CMO Insights on Omnichannel Buyer Empowerment

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes TL;DR B2B marketing leaders are realigning strategies to meet the rapid changes of digital transformation, customer needs, and AI advancements. Key trends indicate a move towards "sales-free," self-service buying, which demands personalization and customer empowerment akin to B2C experiences. Industry experts featured on our podcast highlight the shift from product selling to delivering customer-desired outcomes, fostering a 'business-to-human' approach. To stay competitive, B2B marketers need to create cohesive narratives across all channels, focus on building customer relationships, and tear down interdepartmental barriers. Successful B2B leaders will innovate and treat customers as collaborative partners, ensuring a consistent, value-driven journey. In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, adapting to change is not just a buzzword—it's an operational…


AI and Storytelling in B2B Marketing

The B2B Engagement Podcast with Kigen Guest: Vincent Korstanje, CEO at Kigen Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and subscribe to The B2B Engagement podcast!Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this compelling episode, Gavin sits down with Vincent Korstanje to unravel the complex world of executive go-to-market strategies in the rapidly evolving technology and business landscape. Vincent shares his journey from a technical expert to a leader passionate about the human dimension of business. He highlights the pivotal moments that shaped Kigen's innovative approach to IoT security. Delve into: The importance of customer-centric problem-solving The cultivation of a high-trust, mistake-friend company culture The future of AI's role in decision-making This episode is…


Sales & Marketing Target Attainment through Market Share Growth

Industrial Executives Roundtable at Hannover Messe According to McKinsey, European businesses are falling behind the U.S. in innovation and competitiveness in 2024.However, the pressure to deliver short-term marketing and sales goals continues with spending scrutiny, resource limitations, and rapid AI developments changing customer expectations.  In times like these, the most dangerous move is taking a conservative “wait and see” approach. It’s time to move fast, think boldly, and be willing to pivot. (Forrester) Join a select group of industry peers for a knowledge-sharing discussion about the changes needed to enable business growth in Europe. Transportation to Hannover Messe post-event will be provided. Discussion Topics Adapting to change (complexity, competition, consolidation, etc.) Sustaining innovation during rapidly changing times Better serving customers’…


Scaling For Hypergrowth | Live Podcast

Using Sales & Marketing Digital Transformation for Growth According to a Prophet report, 54% of digital transformation efforts focus on modernizing customer touchpoints, while 45% go to enabling infrastructure. However, what can we learn from B2B digital transformation sales and marketing leaders on scaling hypergrowth – regardless of industry? Join Francis Chow, VP & GM of In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge at Red Hat, and Gavin Finn as they discuss: Lessons learned from digital transformation leaders and laggards Industry-specific needs for attaining sales and marketing digital transformation success Leveraging AI and data to create efficiencies across the enterprise How to overcome infrastructure issues to create stronger differentiation Behavioral transformation barriers (sales, marketing, customer, IT) Get your questions answered - LIVE!


Orchestrating Marketing’s Various Channels

The B2B Engagement Podcast with Ericsson Guest: Cordula Knüppel, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Western Europe at Ericsson Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and subscribe to The B2B Engagement podcast!Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, Gavin is joined by Cordula Knüppel, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Western Europe at Ericsson. Cordula shares insights on building trust in the buyer's journey through effective value storytelling. They discuss her career journey toward orchestrating personalized B2B experiences, navigating the role of AI, building emotional connections, and executing targeted campaigns. The B2B Engagement Podcast is powered by Kaon Interactive. Join us as we explore the latest insights, real-life challenges, and…