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Prevent disengagement and multi-tasking in virtual sales meetings.

LiveShare® eliminates the biggest challenge in virtual and hybrid B2B sales engagements –- distracted and passive buyers who are tuned out while sellers are presenting to them.

Tailored specifically for B2B sales engagements, LiveShare was designed around the philosophy that hybrid and virtual sales meetings must actively involve all participants, rather than rely on passive screen sharing which results in low engagement and distraction. What resulted from that is the first metaverse collaboration platform that meets the needs of enterprise sellers.

B2B Sales Must Stop Presenting and Start Engaging in Virtual Meetings | LiveShare Infographic on metaverse collaboration
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LiveShare is a metaverse collaboration platform exclusively for B2B sellers.

  • Accelerate buying and reveal more accurate customer needs through buyer self-discovery and learning. LiveShare gives buyers a tool they can use to self-diagnose and bring their real problems to the surface, while also giving the seller a path to close. It offers sellers an effective way to bring together a diverse group of buyers and lead them to a shared understanding of their problem and a way forward.
  • Promote higher engagement and reduce distracted and passive buyers who are tuned out while sellers are presenting to them. LiveShare does this by breaking the fourth wall, immersing buyers and sellers in a metaverse collaboration using Kaon’s shared digital experiences.

LiveShare is designed to be used in a small group (2-8 people) for virtual sales meetings, briefings, and customer and sales training.

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