Analog Devices interactive solution storytelling application

Analog Devices Realizes Ongoing ROI from a Virtual Event Experience

An Agile, Platform-Based Solution

Analog Devices produces thousands of integrated components in multiple geographies, and they faced the challenge of showing their products in a valuable, uncomplicated way that would fit into their customer’s builds. They aimed to transform from product sellers to solution storytellers and expert partners. When CES 2020 went virtual, it was the impetus Analog Devices needed to tell their new story in an active and meaningful way without using passive collateral like videos or infographics. 

Together with Kaon, Analog Devices built a virtual environment that is easily understandable for prospects across key verticals (healthcare, consumer products, smart industry, autonomy, infotainment, automotive). The resulting experience allows for product exploration in real-world environments to help prospects recognize solution value. 

Because they invested in a platform deployment as opposed to a one-off event solution, usage continued, doubling after CES, with visits from more than 63 countries.  As a result, Analog Devices shortened their sales cycle by enabling self-educated buyers who could have more personalized and productive meetings when they contacted sales. With the agility of the Kaon platform, Analog Devices could quickly update the application with new solutions for CES 2022, extending the ROI and increasing marketing efficiency.