Empowering Talent and Innovation through Ecosystem Synergy

Written June 18, 2024

The B2B Engagement Podcast with IBM

Guest: Meredith Stowell, VP, Ecosystem at IBM

Hosted by Gavin Finn
Edited by Dana Polihovsky
Original music by Andrew Strout

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In this episode, Gavin dives deep into the world of ecosystem strategies with Meredith Stowell, VP, Ecosystem at IBM. Meredith shares insights on how IBM builds and leverages its diverse ecosystem of partners, including ISPs, academic institutions, and skills training programs, to drive industry growth and innovation.

She discusses the critical integration of sales and marketing teams in these efforts, illustrating how collaborative approaches enhance customer success and open new avenues for talent acquisition. Throughout the conversation, Meredith emphasizes the importance of creativity, patience, and a growth mindset in ecosystem development. Tune in to learn valuable lessons on creating impactful partnerships, finding innovative solutions, and transforming business landscapes.

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