Gavin Finn on Metaverse Readiness in CEOWORLD Magazine

B2B Metaverse Insights for the C-Suite For B2B companies, being metaverse-ready means building the capability to digitally engage with customers in a multi-person immersive environment. Imagine getting ten customers from their offices (or homes) all over the world to engage simultaneously in a digital workspace where they participate actively to discover the value of your solutions in the context of their business and technical needs.  The metaverse can be much more than a marketing gimmick, or a consumer-only technology. It yields significant benefits for B2B sales – delivering memorable shared experiences that transform customer interactions from passive encounters to interactive knowledge-sharing collaborations. The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform with LiveShare multi-user collaboration brings your stories into the metaverse for your prospects and…


Virtual Round Table | What global B2B sales and marketing leaders need today, tomorrow, and beyond for long-term success

How do you consistently communicate your differentiated value, everywhere your customers are? According to Forrester, 75% of personalized engagement strategies will not meet ROI goals in 2022. This struggle has manifested because of a variety of temporary “fixes” for each individual functional area, including sales, marketing, employee onboarding, and training. The global health, economic, and labor crisis has resulted in permanent changes in how we must digitally engage with our customers for long-term success. We know that most B2B companies claim their number one pain point is the "inability of their sales team to communicate their value story" (MHI Research Institute). So, how can we move beyond product features and functions into value-based storytelling? How can we engage customers with…

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Kaon Celebrates 25 Years as B2B Digital Customer Engagement Leader

A New Paradigm of B2B Hybrid Selling BOSTON – December 13, 2021 – Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of interactive digital B2B sales and marketing applications, has marked its 25th anniversary. The Kaon platform deploys interactive omnichannel applications that foster active learning and gameful design for complex storytelling. Fortune 1000 global enterprise leaders in life science, industrial automation, and information technology depend on this solution to engage their customers at every touch-point. The quarter-century anniversary comes as Kaon’s team has grown 70% in size over the past two years, including a European expansion, in response to increased global enterprise demand for digital-first transformative sales and marketing tools. The Evolution of Kaon Co-founded by Joshua Smith, Steve Levy, and Al Stevens…

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NetApp Uses Digital Storytelling to Bring Hardware to Prospects and Increase Web Sessions by 78%

NetApp Cisco Alliance Director Jennifer Edgell envisioned an interactive application for NetApp: a digital enablement tool in which they could tell a uniform solution story, showcase their FlexPod product catalog, and feature the Cisco product catalog as well. The objective was to hone into a customer-centric, solution-based message that gave sellers a story to tell at any point of the sales cycle. Leveraging former FlexPod CTO Lee Howard’s messaging vision, the FlexPod Digital Transformation story was born. The pandemic slowdown sparked the creativity of the NetApp FlexPod solution team and gave them the space to focus on the best way to present this product to customers, said Jennifer Edgell, Cisco Alliance Director at NetApp. “We wanted to up-level the conversation,…

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Natus Sells a Large Number of New Products Using Only Virtual Sales Tools

An Omnichannel Approach with One Interactive Solution Natus was looking for a more engaging way to educate its customers on the value of its soon-to-be-launched RetCam Envision ophthalmic imaging system. This goal became even more imperative with medical conferences going virtual and in-person customer access restricted.  For Natus, the key differentiator of the Kaon platform was the ability to develop a compelling customer engagement application and deploy it to any device and the web, enabling a truly omnichannel approach with one interactive solution.  Natus was able to tell the right story, to the right prospect, at the right time. The interactive solution guides users through a series of non-linear steps from the unique challenges of Natus’ key personas (ophthalmologists, clinicians,…

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Equips Sales with Virtual Lab Design Tool

Visualizing Lab Equipment Configurations The Ortho Clinical Diagnostics ValuMetryix® team needed a more powerful, user-friendly laboratory design tool to rapidly model and visualize optimized lab equipment configurations for more effective turn-around time, staffing models, and labor optimization.  They chose Kaon’s Laboratory Design Tool (LDT) because it seamlessly integrated with their existing solutions for workflows, virtual exhibits, briefing centers, and remote customer demonstrations while also fulfilling their initial goals. The Kaon LDT allows Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to import a customer’s laboratory floor plan, model their existing space, and rapidly enhance that configuration with potential new solutions.  The tool's ability to move instantly from 2D to immersive 3D (including to-scale augmented reality and walk-around virtual reality) enables sales representatives to easily demonstrate…

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AeroVironment Expands Reach with Virtual Showroom

Digital Sales and Marketing Tools With all of their in-person trade shows canceled and without the right digital tools to communicate their value story in a meaningful way, AeroVironment worked with Kaon to develop a web-enabled virtual showroom that provides a multi-layered solution and product story.  The AeroVironment Virtual Showroom gives users an immersive 3D journey through the world of AeroVironment on any device anywhere in the world. Designed for both sales-led and self-guided exploration, the application reveals areas of content that are most relevant to each individual: AeroVironment’s 50 years of innovation, its expansive product portfolio, or unique initiatives such as the development of the Mars helicopter, Ingenuity. Visitors to the Virtual Showroom can also explore 3D product demonstrations,…

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Analog Devices Realizes Ongoing ROI from a Virtual Event Experience

An Agile, Platform-Based Solution Analog Devices produces thousands of integrated components in multiple geographies, and they faced the challenge of showing their products in a valuable, uncomplicated way that would fit into their customer’s builds. They aimed to transform from product sellers to solution storytellers and expert partners. When CES 2020 went virtual, it was the impetus Analog Devices needed to tell their new story in an active and meaningful way without using passive collateral like videos or infographics.  Together with Kaon, Analog Devices built a virtual environment that is easily understandable for prospects across key verticals (healthcare, consumer products, smart industry, autonomy, infotainment, automotive). The resulting experience allows for product exploration in real-world environments to help prospects recognize solution…

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88% of Dell Salespeople Say Interactive Application Qualifies Leads and Closes Deals

B2B Sales Digital Transformation Dell’s digital transformation journey started with the need to show the value inside their complex products during in-person sales meetings. A Kaon customer since 2001, Dell’s sales and marketing process has been thoroughly integrated with Kaon’s High-Velocity Marketing Platform®.  Dell’s application dives deep into the insides of more than 50 products, demonstrating their value story across the world, on every device. Eighty-eight percent of sales users say the application helped them qualify leads and close deals. Dell continues to expand the application with more value stories within their 3D Product Tours. 


Jennifer Hollingsworth

Jennifer Hollingsworth is an experienced marketing and communication professional with a diverse background in journalism, media and client relations, corporate communication, digital marketing, event management, and sales enablement. Currently the digital marketing & sales enablement manager at Kaon Interactive, she runs digital marketing programs (content marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, website) and sales enablement onboarding, training, and tool management. Jennifer's efforts raise brand and product awareness, increase lead generation, and improve sales process and efficiency.


Dana Polihovsky

Dana Polihovsky currently works as the marketing coordinator for Europe at Kaon Interactive. In this role, she closely aligns with her sales colleagues in the region to drive awareness and market growth across Europe. She graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and a minor in law. Having lived in Russia, Israel, Spain, and the U.S., Dana is fluent in four languages.


The Future of Enterprise Selling Panel Discussion

Tune into this moderated panel to learn how to adapt to significant changes in the marketplace with the birth of 4D selling networks. The concept of 4D selling comes from The Revenue Enablement Institute and represents digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven customers. On top of this, B2B customers are indicating that they prefer self-service and self-discovery for the majority of their problem-solving journey -- two-thirds of the journey, to be exact. Strategic sales and marketing leaders are transforming their companies to move beyond product selling into solution-based outcome selling that elevates sustained value and ROI. Learn how to close 3x the deals, despite shrinking face-time opportunities with customers. Discussion Topics Understanding customers' experience requirements and their desire for control Adapting…


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