Are you being asked to increase impactful customer engagement?

Are You Being Asked… ?

According to a Forrester study, B2B marketing organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to unlock success – even with highly-skilled, innovative teams. The pressure on B2B marketing teams has increased significantly in recent years due to the shift to digital tools, the changing B2B customer, and microeconomic influences.

B2B enterprises that thrive during such pressures are those that see an opportunity to:

  • Engage customers across multiple channels
  • Influence customers before they buy (with value-based messaging)
  • Generate pipeline for sales and align with business goals

Read below about how leaders at Fortinet, Siemens, and HPE unlocked the code to thrive in times of market(ing) uncertainty.

Live Podcast

Join us in April for a live discussion on achieving bigger buyer engagement goals with smaller budgets and fewer resources.

Live Podcast: Fewer Resources, Greater Buyer Engagement Goals - with Gavin Finn and Dalila Babou, Global Marketing Manager at TE Connectivity