Conversations for Better B2B Digital Customer Engagement in 2023

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By Jennifer Hollingsworth, Digital Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager

Explore this conversation video library for valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your B2B digital customer engagement marketing efforts.

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How Executives View Marketing

Neil and Gavin discuss how executive leadership has changed their views on the role marketing plays within their organizations.

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Focus on ROI to Avoid Waste

The value of traditional marketing channels, like sponsorships, can be challenging to quantify. Neil Patel and Gavin Finn discuss why companies are shifting focus to digital marketing channels that provide measurable returns. Focusing on proving ROI can help transform your marketing team into a strategic business unit.

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Buyer Engagement Channels

Companies are moving beyond awareness and focusing on measurable digital channels. Customer engagement is critical in B2B where the investment is high, the buying committee larger, and the implementation costly. Connecting with buyers is an imperative, not a luxury.

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Shorten Sales Cycles

Marketers must take ownership of the 83% of the problem-solving journey that happens without sales guiding and influencing the process.

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Transform Digital Marketing

Next-generation buyers, who are involved in 73% of buying decisions, expect more meaningful experiences with companies. And, they bring their personal preferences to the table.

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Answer Customer Objections

Marketers face the complex challenge of providing the right content, where, when, and how customers want to interact. Understanding the problem-solving journey helps create content to build customer engagement.

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Digital Transformation is Continuous

Digital transformation is an ongoing process driven by ever-evolving customer behavior and rapidly changing technology. The reason to transform should always be customer-centric.

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How Economic Conditions Impact Marketing

Companies are treating this economic downturn differently. Traditionally, when companies cut costs, the first place they look is marketing, but that’s changing. If you spend a dollar, make two dollars, and 50 cents is profit, companies will continue to invest.

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From Function to Strategy

The digital transformation of marketing is a strategic imperative to deliver engagement resources at every stage of your customers’ journey. Digital-first strategies are proactive.

Digital customer engagement is an essential component of any modern business, and it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies to succeed in a crowded digital world.

Explore a conversation between two prominent figures in the digital marketing and customer engagement industries, Neil Patel and Gavin Finn. Their discussion covers a range of topics related to B2B digital engagement marketing, from how executives view marketing as a key business driver, to creating scalable omnichannel buyer engagement. They also provide actionable advice on how marketers can help shorten the sales cycle, why digital transformation is a continuous process, and how tough economic conditions have impacted marketing.