Is everyone tired on the trade show floor?

At a recent physician-focused trade show I couldn’t help but notice the mobile coffee carts littering the expo floor. Almost every major pharmaceutical and medical device company had an espresso, cappuccino, latté, or hot chocolate to offer attendees. While baristas are no strangers to events like these, the amount of caffeinated liquid flowing at this gig could have filled the great Mississippi. Now, to be fair, it was a doctor-attended event, and the rules regarding swag have forced exhibitors to tempt attendees with only what can be ingested. (Sorry, nothing to take back home to the kids anymore!) Only one company thought to offer cobbler to go with the caffeinated beverages, and believe me, their booth was packed. Still, at…


Differentiation – Why Isn’t It Easier?

We have the privilege of working with marketers from many of the world’s leading companies. It seems to me that it is becoming more and more difficult to develop crisp, well-understood, and accurate marketing differentiation messaging, even for market leaders. This is, in part, due to the increasingly competitive landscape, where product portfolios have become broader over time, and functional overlap has replaced distinctive capabilities. Another contributing factor is how numerous companies have expanded into multiple markets, diluting their once-unambiguous positioning. Differentiation is the process of clearly articulating an objectively defined difference in a product, service, or company – a difference that is meaningful and valuable to the intended market. (What we may think of our differences is far less…


Dynamic Content that Makes Sales Engaging

The marketing imperative can be clearly stated: Arm your sales teams with compelling and engaging sales tools that articulate your company’s benefits clearly and consistently at every customer touch-point. Fortunately, there are new innovative technologies available for marketers to achieve this objective. The key is to use interactive content as the primary vehicle for your sales organization to engage the customer. It has been definitively proven that the more engaged customers are in the sales process — through direct interaction in the delivery of the message a sales team presents — the better informed they will be, and the more they will remember. Rather than telling them about what products do, engage them in hands-on learning about how the advantages…