Driving Results for Celestica Through Interactive Customer Engagement

Per Gartner, by 2025, 80% of interactions between B2B buyers and sellers will take place in digital channels. Pair this with another Gartner study that illustrates that 43% of buyers overall, and 54% of millennial buyers, would prefer a rep-free experience, and it is clear that we must make every touchpoint count. But how?

Research has shown that successful customer engagement depends on three factors:

  • A meaningful transfer of knowledge
  • A multisensory experience
  • An emotional connection

Celestica’s new interactive Virtual Rack Configurator checks all three boxes. First publicly deployed in the new Customer Experience Center, on the Celestica website, and in Celestica’s SC23 booth,  this application enables customers to configure their own rack solution, explore Celestica’s products in dynamic 3D, and experience the value Celestica offers across the many verticals it serves. In other words, the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

The solution has created a lot of buzz, and we are confident it will continue to deliver value to Celestica for years to come.

Rack Configurator in Action

Rack Configurator Tool

Celestica’s Rack Configurator Tool is a virtual toolbox that enables you to easily visualize and build unique rack-level solutions to suit your business requirements. 

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