A Mission to Align GE HealthCare’s Focus on Outcomes

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Connectivity, harnessing big data, distributed care, prevention, patient well-being, and patient-and-care team partnerships are driving the human and flexible healthcare experience in 2024 and beyond — as healthcare Reimagines Better Health.

However, revenue growth and market share gains for GE HealthCare depend on our ability to explain how these healthcare trends influence patient outcomes, healthcare systems’ performance, and our differentiated value.

Our 2024 digital transformation strategy addresses this challenge by facilitating customer discovery of how GE HealthCare is driving outcome-based value across the entire ecosystem. We will:

  1. Transform the entire sales force into a high-performance team 
  2. Implement and adopt tools that improve effective customer engagement, enabling sales to dedicate their time to interacting directly with customers rather than handling internal tasks
  3. Dramatically improve sales and marketing ROI 
  4. Strengthen our organization’s overall communication proficiency in conveying how market trends like Mastering the Molecular, Synthesizing Big Data, or Democratizing Healthcare can improve outcomes

Why Digital Customer Engagement

In today’s complex healthcare buying ecosystem, we MUST do things differently. Buyers are looking to self-discover and self-identify how our solutions will provide them with personalized value.

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GE HealthCare Partnership with Kaon Interactive

GE HealthCare has partnered with Kaon Interactive to create immersive and interactive digital experiences. Two of these experiences include the MI Asset Utilization Calculator and the GE HealthCare Digital Health Platform for Radiology.

GE Healthcare MI Asset Utilization Calculator Application

The GE Healthcare MI Asset Utilization Calculator Application allows users to develop MI equipment acquisition and (re)deployment strategies by analyzing multiple scenarios based on the utilization of the individual devices and the MI department as a whole. These analyses can include the unique features of some MI devices, including advanced reconstruction technologies, inherent system sensitivity differences, and novel detector technology implementations. The application can be used for single MI departments, multiple-modality (SPECT & PET) MI departments, and a combination of the two either within a single facility or for a multi-facility IDN. Planning for future procedural growth or decline.

GE HealthCare's Digital Health Platform Interactive Experience

GE HealthCare’s Digital Health Platform Interactive Experience, first debuted at RSNA 2023, helps healthcare providers understand the variety of value stories available through this innovative GE HealthCare platform.

The Enterprise Imaging/Connected Care story is compelling, and, at the same time, its breadth and depth can be complex to communicate to prospects and customers. The value it offers depends largely on the unique stakeholder, their situation, and where they are in their buying process.

The value of this interactive solution is that it allows GE HealthCare to communicate broader value throughout the customer engagement process because customer questions and concerns are addressed quickly in a more comprehensive, consistent, yet agile fashion and at each customer’s own pace. 

Achieving Our Multi-Year Plan to Digitally Transform

To effectively communicate patient-centric (and customer-centric) outcome potential and the strategic value of a partnership with GE HealthCare, a compelling and consistent value story must permeate across all modalities. This requires an agile and visually compelling way to align, inspire, and enable sellers and marketers to elevate buyer conversations and win deals.

  • Oncology
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI
  • Patient Care Solutions
  • Pharma Diagnostics
  • Cardiology

To attain our true potential, we need a force multiplier – powering GE HealthCare sales to achieve our multi-year transformation plan. Our goal is to shift our focus from tactical activities to generating GE HealthCare mindshare at every level within the healthcare ecosystem.

Leading the Industry Through Innovation & Customer-Centric Focus

This collaboration is just the beginning of enabling more consistent and engaging buyer experiences that can be leveraged by GE HealthCare to consistently communicate value throughout a healthcare system’s entire problem-solving journey. Digital customer engagement happens everywhere — websites, trade shows, EBCs, sales meetings, virtual events, marketing campaigns, analyst briefings, etc.

In this podcast, Andy DeLaO, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at GE HealthCare, outlines his multi-year plan to help overcome these healthcare challenges and simplify GE HealthCare’s complex marketing, infusing trust and maintaining an authentic human touch through a customer’s problem-solving journey.

We welcome you to explore the following interactive customer engagement applications, developed by Kaon Interactive, which were created once and reused everywhere in the buyers’ decision-making process, capturing economic value at every phase of the marketing and sales lifecycle.

Interested in Learning More?

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