Kaon to be Apple Launch Partner for 3D AR

Show Interactive 3D Products in Enterprise Environments

Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of 3D marketing and sales applications for global B2B brands, today announced that its augmented reality (AR) solution, Kaon AR®, is now available on over 340 million Apple devices. With the release of iOS 11 and the launch of Apple’s ARkit, Kaon Interactive is driving AR adoption in the B2B space, with 50+ live enterprise AR applications in use, by hundreds of thousands of customers, sales teams, and channel partners globally.

Deployed on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform®, Kaon AR allows customers to make more reliable buying decisions by placing photo-realistic, interactive, 3D product models ‘at scale’ within a real physical space, seeing how the product works to solve their business or technical challenges. Users can explore differentiated value messages, run product animations and interact with the digital product.

“The Apple ARKit has made authentic, dimensionally-accurate AR available to a mass audience,” said Joshua Smith, CTO and Founder of Kaon Interactive. “People have been trying to do camera-based AR for years, and Apple has finally proven it can work.”

Kaon Interactive has a 20-year head start on other AR technology providers because of its extensive B2B global customer base (such as Cisco, IBM, GE, Siemens, HPE, Abbott, BD) that has been deploying photo-realistic, 3D digital product models for sales and marketing purposes for years. With the addition of Kaon AR to the High Velocity Marketing Platform in February, existing customers’ 3D product models can be viewed in augmented reality on AR-enabled Apple devices.

“When we use innovative platforms to connect with prospects and customers on an emotional level, we transcend the traditional marketing and sales relationships resulting in customers who are passionate about what our solutions will do for them,” remarked Gavin Finn, President & CEO of Kaon Interactive. “Apple iOS 11 is a game changer for AR in the enterprise. It is facilitating immersive experiences for B2B marketers on their existing mobile devices, amplifying their customers’ receptiveness to key value propositions across the entire customer lifecycle.”

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