Kaon Issued Patent for Interactive 3D Product Demonstrations

Changing How B2B Companies Communicate Unique Value

MAYNARD, MA (Sep 8, 2014) — Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of interactive 3D product marketing applications, announced the issuance of US Patent 8,797,327, which relates to the visualization of, and interaction with, virtual 3D product demonstrations.

The patent covers Kaon’s technology platform for delivering realistic interactive 3D product demonstrations, giving users the ability to view, experience, and manipulate digital representations of products (e.g. zoom, spin, open drawers, add components, show workflow and process), eliminating the need to have a product physically present for demonstrations. It further protects the Kaon technology used to demonstrate 3D products on one or more large displays; for example, mirroring a 3D product demonstration on a large screen driven by a user interacting with a tablet.

With this patented system, the customer will experience a substantially life-sized digital product demonstration, resulting in a greater appreciation for how the product works, what the key features and benefits of the product are, and how it may suit their needs. This experience is personalized for each user since the method of interaction and the sequence of interactive events are defined and controlled by each user according to their individual preferences.

“This patent reflects both our commitment to innovation and Kaon’s focus on providing long-term value to B2B marketers and salespeople. This technology is important because it allows companies to be more effective in clearly communicating a product’s differentiated benefits to prospects through engaging interactions, leading to increased sales and reduced marketing expenses,” said Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive. “This unique interactive platform currently powers over 4,000 face-to-face sales and marketing meetings every week, in more than 50 countries, and 14 languages.”

Kaon Interactive’s intellectual property portfolio includes four issued patents and numerous patent applications, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks.