Demand for B2B Engagement Selling Soars

Kaon Interactive Surpasses Growth Milestones

MAYNARD, Mass., Aug. 15, 2022 — With enterprise selling seeing its biggest paradigm shifts in decades, Fortune 1000 B2B companies have unprecedented demand for technology and platforms that enable complex storytelling and sales in hybrid work environments.

As the leading interactive B2B sales and marketing customer engagement platform, Kaon Interactive has reached historic growth milestones throughout 2021-2022 in its efforts to simplify complex selling in an increasingly complex environment for the world’s largest companies in life sciences, manufacturing, IT and more.

“It’s hard to overstate the disruption we have seen in global enterprise sales over the past two years. Visionary global executives are now building their long-term competitive strategy around the ‘digital transformation’ of their entire customer experience and Kaon is at the forefront of process and technology innovation to facilitate their shift to engagement selling. It’s a really exciting time for Kaon and our clients.”
– Kaon Interactive CEO
Gavin Finn

The launch of Kaon’s LiveShare® solution at the beginning of 2022 as the first metaverse-driven B2B sales collaboration tool has accelerated growth. LiveShare changes everyone’s role from observer to active participant during virtual meetings by enabling real-time, multi-user, interactive collaboration. The result is increased customer engagement, personalization, and knowledge transfer; resulting in better buying decisions, faster.

Rapidly Growing Client Roster and Global Team

Kaon’s headcount has grown nearly 16% in the past six months, including significant growth in Europe. Growth has been fueled by the combination of broader partnerships with existing clients together with significant additions to the company’s powerhouse roster of clients, including Parker Hannifin (NYSE: PH), DiaSorin (BIT: DIA), KigenStratus TechnologiesSES (OTCMKTS: SGBAF), AccedianSDI, The Digital Supply Chain Company, and more.

As an example of how Kaon Interactive has helped elevate buyer experiences directly in a corporate website, explore the Stratus Edge Computing Experience.

“We need to bring our solutions directly to buyers and engage with them how they want to engage. Kaon’s application and engagement marketing platform will enable our sales team to ensure that the right message is received in a personalized story for each buyer, regardless of when and where they are ready to experience it.”

DiaSorin VP of Commercial – Immuno Joel Cowen

B2B Marketing Effectiveness Award of Excellence

Kaon has marked the midpoint of the year with recognition from The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts 28th Communicator Awards, receiving its 2022 B2B Marketing Effectiveness Award of Excellence.

The Academy’s judging panel recognized Kaon’s NetApp FlexPod Digital Transformation Story. The Marketing Effectiveness awards recognize creative work that uses results-based effectiveness to create solutions within the industry.

“The Kaon application is very slick. It enables my team to be able to deliver a clear and specific message to our customers and partners. The graphics, the flow of the messaging, and the targeted use cases are awesome. We have seen an increase in our pipeline since inception.”

— NetApp Director, FlexPod, Pete Friedman

You can view Kaon’s NetApp award-winning entry here (in the middle drop-down box, select “marketing effectiveness”, then search for Kaon).

Most recently, Kaon was awarded Leading Innovators in Interactive 3D Applications 2022 by Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards.

About Kaon Interactive

Kaon Interactive is a B2B software company. Kaon’s interactive sales and marketing applications simplify complex product and solution stories in a visually engaging way anywhere, anytime, turning prospects into customers. The company’s interactive 3D sales and marketing applications transform product and solution marketing content into visual storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate the sales cycle. Whether virtual or in-person, there are more than 1.8M unique users of Kaon’s applications, being used in over 200 countries by leading global B2B companies in such industries as life sciences, manufacturing, and technology.