The Future of Work & Meetings in 2023 is Hybrid Collaboration

Written December 21, 2022  |  Updated June 23, 2023

The landscape of the working world has seen an incredible amount of change over the past few years, says Tech Times. Although much of that change has been positive, such as reduced costs for remote work and improved work-life balance for employees, some aspects of company life, such as meetings, now pose new challenges.

With remote and hybrid work here to stay, enterprises need to look at how to combine technology with meetings to enable hybrid collaboration. When done right, this collaboration leads to increased innovation, effectiveness, creativity, access, efficiency, and cost savings. Productive collaboration among hybrid teams calls for assessing and incorporating new technologies beyond audio and video conferencing solutions.

Kaon Interactive recognized the engagement challenge facing enterprise sellers caused by the rise of remote work. While sales presentations were hardly effective in person, they became completely ineffective in virtual settings where participants are distracted by everything on and off the screen in front of them. Even with video conferencing it is challenging to get meeting participants involved and engaged.

LiveShare® is an award-winning solution that addresses this challenge directly by offering avenues for all meeting participants to actively participate.