Enterprise B2B Doubles Down on Digital Selling for 2023

Written October 25, 2022  |  Updated June 23, 2023

Digital Selling’s Impact on B2B Sales

The vast majority of enterprise firms have adopted at least some hybrid work policies permanently. As a result, it has produced a new paradigm. This is particularly true for sales and marketing functions that have made pivotal shifts to digital transformation. Complex B2B transactions were the last bastion of sales and business development to rely on a fully digital approach to closing deals. Significant investments have been made into cultivating high-level relationships and communicating complex value stories in a digital medium. One of the companies that enterprise Fortune 500 firms have turned to in facilitating that pivot has been Kaon Interactive, whose namesake digital selling platform as well as its recently launched hybrid meeting platform, LiveShare®, have helped enterprise sales teams build a fully immersive digital environment for engaging customers.

DMNews sat down with Kaon’s CEO Gavin Finn to take a deep dive into how global B2B firms are approaching digital selling.