How B2B Sales is Changing Through Virtual Engagement

B2B sales is shifting to virtual collaboration and engagement
Image Credit: Foundr Magazine

The world in which B2B sales happen is skewing digital. How are you keeping up with this pace of change to offer engaging, collaborative tools to your sales team? This is a challenge for many enterprises that were forced to quickly pivot to virtual sales meetings and implemented the best, albeit not highly effective, tools they could find.

Now, collaboration technology and engagement platforms are available. Enterprises, however, should carefully evaluate these technologies for their specific challenges, use cases, users, and audience so that they deliver ROI and impact.

“The importance of face-to-face meetings isn’t the face-to-face part. It’s the part where you do things together. It’s the part where a vendor and a customer work together to solve a problem. Creating a metaverse that allows that to occur will be transformative.”

— Joshua Smith, Kaon Interactive Founder & CTO

Foundr Magazine interviewed Kaon Founder and Chief Technology Officer Joshua Smith on these topics and more. Learn how to make virtual collaboration work for your B2B sales teams.