Beating the Marketing Odds

28th Feb - 31st Dec, 2024 On-Demand

Exceeding Targets Despite Reduced Budgets

Webinar screenshot - Beating the Odds: Exceeding Marketing Targets Despite Reduced Budgets with Gavin Finn

Delayed decision-making. Disappearing budgets. Inability to motivate customers to change. Struggles to meet KPIs. B2B marketing is in for a wild ride in 2024 (according to Forrester… and anyone we speak with.)

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how marketing needs to evolve in prioritizing revenue generation through customer-centric strategies and interactive experiences.

  • Marketing as a Revenue Driver: Demonstrate a clear correlation between marketing and corporate objectives.
  • Shift in Competitive Strategy: Prioritize customer experience over price.
  • Customer Engagement and Experience: Implementing value-driven interactions in marketing strategies and moving beyond traditional tactics.
  • New Marketing Strategies: How interactive experiences are effective at engaging customers across channels.
  • Interactive Experiences: Allow customers to self-discover at their own pace.
  • Return on Investment (ROI):  Through a roadmap approach, incrementally build around a digital infrastructure.