Dell Enables Sales to Focus on Customer Outcomes that Matter Most, Not Dell Products

Interactive Experiences

Dell Technologies’ digital transformation journey started with the need to show the value of its complex products during in-person sales meetings. A Kaon customer since 2001, the Dell Interactive Solution Application dives deep into the insides of more than 50 products, demonstrating their value story across the world, on every device. Eighty-eight percent of sales users say the application helps them qualify leads and close deals. Dell continues to expand the application with more value stories and updated 3D Product Tours.

Dell launched the newest expansion – the Computer Vision and Edge Interactive Application – within the larger application to showcase its computer vision solution at Dell Technologies World 2022. 

“All discussions start off with the customer’s current physical security infrastructure. But, then they evolve into other potentially beneficial outcomes,” Greg Moya, Dell Technologies’ Global Industries CTO, told International Security Journal (ISJ).

Voice of the Customer

Moya has used the application – available via the web or downloaded native app on mobile devices, computers, and touch screens – at events and in sales meetings to talk about customer challenges and how Dell helps overcome them. He credits the app for focusing these conversations on the voice of the customer and customer outcomes, not on Dell products or solutions. The application guides customers, and Dell salespeople or marketers, to uncover specific challenges and tailored solutions. Moya did exactly this in a conversation with airport CEOs and CMOs, using the transportation industry theme of the app to personalize the conversation and engage his audience. 

The computer vision and edge computing story required a multi-industry approach to highlight the truly unique value Dell’s Global Industries division provides customers. The application is organized into four different industries, or themes, that Dell works with – transportation, manufacturing, retail, and sports and entertainment – to provide these SIA New Products + Solutions Award-winning workflows. Each of these industries has its own challenges with efficient data processing that produces real-time insights and outcomes. The application addresses these challenges, offers new solutions and workflows, then presents Dell products and services to deliver the desired outcome. 

Simplifying a Complex Value Story

“People were stunned by the art of the possible. They didn’t know where to start because they were looking at individual use cases. But after all these thousands of customer conversations, we created these themes. That’s where it became real for customers,” said Wayne Arvidson, Dell Technologies’ Director Market Development & Strategy, in ISJ. “Traditionally, Dell has been viewed as a hardware company with technologies that manage data. We’re not just hardware, and we’re not just managing data. We’re providing the resources that help you translate what’s possible with data. And that’s what we’re focused on — delivering the outcomes that matter most to businesses through this platform, through the process, through our Global Industries division. That is our key differentiation.”

Consultative Selling

This mobile and multi-channel application replaces brochures and 2D sales and marketing solutions that focused only on products. The interactive solution enables sales in meetings and events to have conversations with customers, instead of presenting to them. This increases customer engagement and retention and fundamentally changes the way the Global Industries division talks with customers. Sending a link to a customer’s industry section within the application and personalized solutions after a meeting is proving more effective than emailing a brochure and spec sheet.

“It attracts people and gets people to identify the vertical they are in. Then, we can then show them what we do,” Arvidson said.

Global Success

After the launch of the application, the performance of Dell’s Interactive Solution increased – users by 67%, sessions by 7%, and engagement hours by 11% – showing that the application was well received and adopted by the Global Industries sales team. Year-over-year, the application’s users are up 60% and engagement hours are up 12%.

29th Annual Communicator Award of Excellence badge

This application was recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) with a Communicator Award of Excellence for B2B Mobile Application or Website.