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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Equips Sales with Virtual Lab Design Tool

Visualizing Lab Equipment Configurations

The Ortho Clinical Diagnostics ValuMetryix® team needed a more powerful, user-friendly laboratory design tool to rapidly model and visualize optimized lab equipment configurations for more effective turn-around time, staffing models, and labor optimization. 

They chose Kaon’s Laboratory Design Tool (LDT) because it seamlessly integrated with their existing solutions for workflows, virtual exhibits, briefing centers, and remote customer demonstrations while also fulfilling their initial goals. The Kaon LDT allows Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to import a customer’s laboratory floor plan, model their existing space, and rapidly enhance that configuration with potential new solutions. 

The tool’s ability to move instantly from 2D to immersive 3D (including to-scale augmented reality and walk-around virtual reality) enables sales representatives to easily demonstrate their solution, obtain cross-functional buy-in from stakeholders, and deliver increased value and engagement. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics plans to extend its use of the Kaon LDT with additional solutions and experiences that will support the future needs of its sales and marketing teams.