Natus interactive product storytelling application

Natus Sells a Large Number of New Products Using Only Virtual Sales Tools

An Omnichannel Approach with One Interactive Solution

Natus was looking for a more engaging way to educate its customers on the value of its soon-to-be-launched RetCam Envision ophthalmic imaging system. This goal became even more imperative with medical conferences going virtual and in-person customer access restricted. 

For Natus, the key differentiator of the Kaon platform was the ability to develop a compelling customer engagement application and deploy it to any device and the web, enabling a truly omnichannel approach with one interactive solution. 

Natus was able to tell the right story, to the right prospect, at the right time. The interactive solution guides users through a series of non-linear steps from the unique challenges of Natus’ key personas (ophthalmologists, clinicians, NICU nursing staff) to prospects new to ocular imaging. Navigating deeper into the application, users get a detailed perspective on the value of RetCam Envision.

The experience culminates in an interactive, multi-layered, 3D demonstration of the RetCam solution, including offering augmented reality so users can place the product directly into their clinical setting. The application is available on any device to the entire Natus sales force and on the Natus website as an embedded 3D product demo. This vastly enhances the reach of the RetCam Envision story.

Between the native application and web version, more than 4,000 people have used the RetCam Envision interactive application. Moreover, Natus was able to sell 15 units using the 3D Product Tour alone before sales representatives had access to demo equipment. Since receiving demo units, sales representatives continue to show the 3D Product Tour in sales calls.