HPE Virtual Executive Briefing Center interactive application lobby

HPE Virtual Executive Briefing Center Quickly Attracts 300 Hours of Engagement

With their executive briefing centers inaccessible during the pandemic, HPE lacked a way to engage potential visitors, executives, and decision-makers with a first-class, white-glove experience that made a lasting impact. Kaon generated a hyper-realistic, 3D immersive environment that effectively conveyed the HPE value story despite times of uncertainty.

Since the experience was built on Kaon’s powerful enterprise platform, anyone across the globe can visit the virtual briefing center — no flight required. It is also accessible to every member of the HPE EBC team. With briefing centers opening again, the virtual EBC will be incorporated into the physical experience.

In a short period of time, the HPE virtual EBC  garnered nearly 300 active engagement hours in 7,000 web sessions across 90 countries. HPE will continue adding new verticals and outcome-based solution stories, via instant cloud updates on the platform, to tell an even more complete value proposition.