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BD Increases Medical Device Global Reach and Eliminates Product Shipping Costs to Save $168k in 2 Years

The Challenge

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), is a leading provider of products for the safe collection and transport of diagnostics specimens, as well as instruments and reagent systems to accurately detect a broad range of infectious diseases, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and cancers. BD Diagnostics focuses on improving health outcomes for patients by providing laboratories with solutions that improve quality, enhance laboratory system productivity, and assist in medical decision making.

Germán Núñez, BD Molecular Diagnostics’ Product Marketing Manager, needed to find a cost effective way for his sales and marketing staff to easily demonstrate and differentiate his product – the BD Viper™ System – whether at tradeshows, prospect meetings, or at lunch-and-learn sessions held by his sales team. The BD Viper System, a fully automated molecular testing system that would allow medical laboratories the ability to “fast track” urogenital DNA testing, weighed in at 1,500 pounds. Due to the exorbitant costs to bring this big system to trade shows (shipping, labor, set-up, dismantle, and logistics including a special dedicated electrical line) BD often was forced to rely only on static 2D brochures and looping videos to present their product offerings.

“We love the general flexibility the Kaon v-OSK brings to our business.”
– Germán Núñez
Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, BD Molecular Diagnostics

The Solution

Núñez turned to Kaon Interactive to create an interactive photo-realistic 3D Product Model to be used at trade shows that would not only help reduce marketing costs, but also better communicate the complexity of BD’s products, even if the real product was present. Kaon’s 3D Product Model (which looks and behaves exactly like the actual product) allows customers to view the BD Viper System from every angle, exploring options and features (open drawers, show process, etc.), controlling their own, customized experiences based on personal preferences. This engaging 3D virtual product experience was showcased on the Kaon v-OSK® HD touch-screen appliances, sales laptops and iPads®, making the virtual product demonstrations accessible anywhere, anytime, including at sales meetings, numerous regional events, and 12 major trade shows per year.

For the first few trade shows, BD would bring both the physical product and the Kaon v-OSK touch-screen appliance, giving a side-by-side demonstration. The booth staff quickly realized
that attendees gravitated almost exclusively to the touchscreen as it was much easier to present product information interactively. Immediately, BD eliminated the shipping of the 1,500lb BD Viper System and created three more interactive product models, including the BD Affirm™, BD Focal Point and the BD Max™. This helped BD to reduce the cost of product demonstrations while increasing the mobility and reach of their products across all sales and marketing channels.

BD the lab of future

Better Product Experience at Trade Shows

BD uses the Kaon v-OSK to demonstrate its virtual 3D products at multiple international trade shows, in countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada and Europe (EU). Not only do the amazing high-definition graphics of virtual 3D products draw people into the booth, but the sales force can now more easily and flexibly demonstrate and articulate its product message in any language.

Consistent Product Demonstrations Across the Globe

The Kaon v-OSK touch-screen appliance allows BD to globally import and export product demonstrations to trade shows far more easily than physically shipping products to and from events. Every region now has their own Kaon v-OSK appliance, on which new product content updates can be immediately and easily be distributed, creating more consistent product messaging and demonstrations across the entire global sales team.

Anyone Can Become an Instant Product Expert

BD has found that 3D Product Models are a great way to train their internal sales teams about products to better understand how each unique model operates and to also learn key marketing messages, which equip their sales teams to properly and consistently deliver demonstrations. Kaon’s virtual 3D Product Models coupled with interactive solutions diagrams allow anyone to easily become a BD product expert. Marketing and sales teams are now able to present consistent, compelling product information and messaging at every touchpoint.

3D Product Model of BD

The ROI Advantage

Kaon’s 3D Product Model allowed BD to immediately eliminate the need to ship physical products to 24+ small, domestic and international events, saving them about $7,000 per trade show. From 2009 through today, not only was BD able to better communicate and differentiate their products benefits, amp product interest and accelerate sales, but they were also able to enjoy an ROI from their investment in just 1.4 years.

Also, BD has further extended their reach by making their 3D Product Models accessible to over 50 US sales members and more than 60 international sales members, via their laptops, bringing their virtual products to remote regional offices and anywhere prospects are located around the world.

By providing an opportunity for BD’s prospects and current customers to interact with photo-realistic 3D Product Models from every angle, BD no longer needs to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get the heavy, oversized units to customer engagements.

3D Product Models benefits
“The Kaon v-OSK attracts people to its big screen and they approach the booth asking, ‘what do you have?’”
– Germán Núñez
Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, BD Molecular Diagnostics
BD max product usage data

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