AeroVironment Ingenuity Mars Helicoptor interactive product storytelling

AeroVironment Expands Reach with Virtual Showroom

Digital Sales and Marketing Tools

With all of their in-person trade shows canceled and without the right digital tools to communicate their value story in a meaningful way, AeroVironment worked with Kaon to develop a web-enabled virtual showroom that provides a multi-layered solution and product story. 

The AeroVironment Virtual Showroom gives users an immersive 3D journey through the world of AeroVironment on any device anywhere in the world. Designed for both sales-led and self-guided exploration, the application reveals areas of content that are most relevant to each individual: AeroVironment’s 50 years of innovation, its expansive product portfolio, or unique initiatives such as the development of the Mars helicopter, Ingenuity. Visitors to the Virtual Showroom can also explore 3D product demonstrations, an interactive Mission Table, and the AeroVironment Theater, ensuring a compelling user experience. 

Additionally, the Virtual Showroom can host live interaction with real-time feeds from events and break-out rooms for direct interaction between AeroVironment and its target audiences. Agile and extensible, the application will expand with more interactive product tours, new product highlights, and further missions in the Mission Table.