Making the Most of Your Sales Presentations

Written October 8, 2011  |  Updated 10/7/2011

Have you ever envisioned a sales presentation where your entire audience gives you 100% of their attention and hangs on your every word? No texting, emails or side conversations?

How about doing that without PowerPoint slides?

Engaging your audience should be one of your key objectives for every sales presentation you give. I know I strive to deliver a compelling experience in every one of my sales presentations, despite giving hundreds of them every year.

Boring, static, sales PowerPoint

Seth Godin speaks to the issues of PowerPoint in his blog post, “Really Bad PowerPoints”, saying “Communication is about getting others to adopt your point of view, to help them understand why you’re excited (or sad, or optimistic or whatever else you are.) If all you want to do is create a file of facts and figures, then cancel the meeting and send in a report.”

What I’ve found is that these presentations are much more engaging and effective when I don’t use a PowerPoint slide deck. My presentations consist entirely of “showing” prospects and customers what we do – using the very same interactive solutions that we deliver to our customers for their sales & marketing! My passion and enthusiasm for interactive demonstrations and presentations is based on how well I know IT WORKS – because this is what we use for our own sales and marketing.

It’s energizing to represent a company whose solutions really do make a measurable difference in sales and marketing. Beyond the obvious “wow” factor in presenting interactive 3D virtual product demonstrations, there is a real science behind why interactive product demonstrations deliver significantly better results. It’s been proven that prospects and customers truly understand your differentiation when you involve them directly in showing how your products and solutions solve real business challenges rather than merely telling them.

Now, imagine the success of your next presentation with interactive sales and marketing presentation tools…