How to Improve Your B2B Digital Engagement Strategy

In this Forbes Tech Council article, Kaon President and CEO Gavin Finn presents the impact COVID-19 has had on the B2B landscape, specifically regarding the difficulties some companies faced accommodating the shift away from in-person meetings and maintaining customer engagement in a digital-first environment.

Companies have been dealing with pandemic setbacks in the wrong ways — to the detriment of their customers. Finn cites a multitude of common mistakes businesses and CEOs have made in their efforts to compensate for the inability to meet with buyers and demonstrate products in-person. Likewise, he stresses the importance of reinventing how a B2B digital customer engagement strategy is approached. To this end:

“What companies now need is a customer digital engagement strategy — one that is accessible to all of the different customer-facing functional areas throughout the company. The value of a strategy provides the guiding principles and the context around which each solution is conceived and created.”