The Future of Enterprise Selling Panel Discussion

Tune into this moderated panel to learn how to adapt to significant changes in the marketplace with the birth of 4D selling networks. The concept of 4D selling comes from The Revenue Enablement Institute and represents digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven customers. On top of this, B2B customers are indicating that they prefer self-service and self-discovery for the majority of their problem-solving journey -- two-thirds of the journey, to be exact. Strategic sales and marketing leaders are transforming their companies to move beyond product selling into solution-based outcome selling that elevates sustained value and ROI. Learn how to close 3x the deals, despite shrinking face-time opportunities with customers. Discussion Topics Understanding customers' experience requirements and their desire for control Adapting…


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Marketing 4.0: Adapting to the Changing Buyers’ Experience

Dawn of the Experience Age The past 40 years have seen us move from the Digital Age (80s and 90s) through the Post Digital Age (90s, 00s, 10s) to the dawn of the Experience Age. In the Digital Age, technology delivered greater efficiencies to production, product assortments, pricing and promotions. Ecommerce of the Post Digital Age led to greater customer insights – retailers and marketers learned more about their buyers’ trends and unique buying tastes. Profiling algorithms created personalized marketing. This eventually gave rise to a legal pushback as demonstrated by the failure of the Google Glass, the Cambridge Analytica case in 2018 and the passing of the GDPR legislation. In this Experience Age, relationships are critical. Customers demand the…


Customer Success

Achieve ongoing success and adoption to ensure your ROI. “We are successful when our customers are successful.”-- Kaon Interactive President & CEO Gavin Finn Customer success is imperative at Kaon Interactive. Through our Kaon User Adoption & Advocacy Program (included as part of our SaaS platform offering), we work closely with each of our customers to optimize, extend, and develop an enthusiasm for their applications to deliver sustained long-term value. At Kaon Interactive, we believe delivering an engaging customer experience that consistently reveals true value differentiators results in shorter sales cycles and higher win rates. We believe partnering with our customers to effectively engage their end-users yields relevant and impactful solutions that meet or exceed expectations.


B2B Virtual Reality Experience & 3D Virtual Tour

Be ready for the metaverse with tailored B2B digital reality experiences. Kaon VR® (virtual reality) is the only B2B sales and marketing solution available that fully immerses users in a digitally simulated environment (such as a virtual data center or a virtual laboratory) on an extendable and scalable platform. This digital reality experience allows users to explore a real-world location virtually. It’s perfect for briefing center tours, product demonstrations, and other events where people need to see and feel the space before making a purchase decision. Use VR to turn your existing interactive application into a new experience so prospects can explore life-size, lifelike product models or configure their to-scale, realistic laboratory space (or any business space) and equipment in…


B2B Immersive Augmented Reality Experience

Layer the metaverse onto everyday life. Kaon AR® (augmented reality) was the first B2B sales and marketing application that places a to-scale 3D digital representation of your physical product or workflow in your prospect’s physical environment. Users can interact with 3D Product Tours on AR-enabled devices to visualize a real representation of the dimensions and how products would fit into their space. Not only does the product appear in front of them, but users can walk around it to view it from any angle while running animations and learning about the product.


Kaon v-Draw

Kaon v-Draw® gives your buyers a platform to explain their business use case and truly personalize the sales conversation. Overlay this whiteboard function on any section of your Kaon application to drag, drop, connect, and manipulate custom icons. Draw freestyle and then share personalized solutions via email with colleagues and stakeholders. Collaborate In a More Meaningful Way Literally add a layer of engagement to your interactive application to encourage a more productive and tailored sales conversation. Share & Conceptualize Users can capture their visual dialogues and share them with other purchasing influencers and decision-makers in their organization to easily understand the value of your solutions.


Collaboration Tools

Tools to get to "yes" faster Buying complex enterprise solutions typically involves 10 to 17 decision makers. Bring everyone together, regardless of geography, title, or device, to collaborate and share experiences that validate and accelerate decision-making. CalculatorsSpatial configurators3D product configuratorsWhiteboarding (Kaon v-Draw®)Immersive storytellingMixed realityLiveShare®



Simple platform integrations Kaon’s platform allows your application to integrate seamlessly with the mission-critical tools you use every day to increase customer engagement and enhance overall efficiency for scale and growth. Reach more prospects, boost conversions, capture more leads and opportunities, and measure ROI with powerful integrations. CRMMarketing AutomationVideo ConferencingSales EnablementVirtual Event & Briefing PlatformsAuthenticationAR-VR Devices


3D Product Tours

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Interactive Product Tours In today's fast-paced B2B landscape, engaging buyers requires a marketing approach that not only captures their attention but also delivers real value. We understand the challenges you face in communicating the competitive differentiation of a complex product portfolio in industries like biotechnology, information technology, and industrial manufacturing. Kaon’s photo-realistic 3D Product Tours (which look and behave exactly like the physical products) allow users to customize, visualize, and experience products virtually prior to purchase. Featuring patented 360-degree spin and zoom, Kaon 3D Product Tours include animations that demonstrate product workflows and processes along with value-based messaging. This experience elevates customer satisfaction and increases sales. Build a full portfolio of product tours as a…


B2B Sales

Stop presenting and start engaging. Make your customers active participants, anywhere they are in their buyers' journey. Empower your sales team to get prospects to YES faster by giving them the right tools to actively engage customers and become trusted advisors in today’s digital-first landscape. Elevate complex buying conversations with value-based interactive storytelling, value calculators, visual configurators, and collaboration tools that involve prospects and accelerate sales. Consistently Articulate Value: Guide prospects to understand complex value and make buying decisions faster with real-world use cases and photo-realistic 3D product demonstrations.Increase Win Rates: Elevate advanced buying conversations using intuitive, interactive, prospect-driven storytelling and obtain insights from configurator and calculator results.Scale Faster: Our User Adoption & Advocacy Program gets sales involved, trained, and…


Sales Enablement

It's not about delivering ineffective collateral faster. It's about personalized interactive customer experiences that drive engagement and result in higher win rates and shorter sales cycles. Kaon empowers your sellers to facilitate complex sales by providing them with personalized, interactive customer experiences. Accelerate buying conversations and more actively engage prospects in virtual, hybrid, and in-person environments – regardless of geography, language, or device. Sales Alignment: Sales focus groups, sales surveys, and sales onboarding and training ensures adoption and ROI.Sales Acceleration: Increase customer engagement and personalize value-based storytelling with unexpected and memorable interactive applications that shorten sales cycles.Personalized Selling: Elevate sellers to trusted advisors with value calculators, configurators, collaboration tools, value-based solution selling, and customized visualizations that increase customer satisfaction and…


B2B Marketing

Powering customer engagement, everywhere. Complete agility, zero waste, total omnichannel reusability. 70% of materials created by marketing go unused by sales every year. Why? Because it is difficult to cost-effectively communicate, execute, and maintain content to tell a complex story that resonates with everyone and perpetually changes. Kaon provides marketers with an agile world-class platform to simplify complex stories and better engage prospects, with personalized value, throughout their hybrid buyer's journey. Our omnichannel approach (create once, use anywhere) drastically increases marketing ROI and enables selling at enterprise-wide scale. Value Storytelling: Engage prospects with an unexpected, memorable experience that consistently shows your multi-dimensional value story in an intuitive way.Complete Agility: Provide omnichannel buyer and sales enablement with customer solutions that meaningfully…


Solution Storytelling

Interactive storytelling that guides value understanding. You have a complex story, we have a visually engaging way to show it. Kaon's interactive solution storytelling applications visually engage prospects in real-world scenarios to show how your products and solutions solve their business challenge. By incorporating consistent marketing messages inside immersive, multi-sensory experiences, together with 3D Product Tours, calculators, configurators, videos, collateral, and much more, prospects gain a memorable understanding of your value, which leads to shortened sales cycles, increased win rates, faster sales/channel training, and greater customer engagement. Business value calculators that show personalized business outcomes. Move prospects from consideration to decision-making faster. Turn spreadsheets into interactive, collaborative conversations that help buyers personalize and validate your business value with ROI, TCO,…