Virtual Event Tech – 6Connex Partner Showcase, feat. Kaon Interactive & MeetingTomorrow

The possibilities are endless when you're hosting an event with the 6Connex open environment! Dazzle your attendees and deliver highly engaging, memorable, and impactful virtual, in-person, and hybrid events with a little help from neat apps and add-ons. Join our Partner Showcase and see them in action in our virtual environment. Meet Kaon Interactive: Custom Built Interactive Apps Kaon's interactive applications simplify complex product and solution stories in a visually engaging way anywhere, anytime, turning prospects into customers. Learn how their team helps the world’s leading B2B Fortune 1000 marketing and sales leaders transform their complex value stories into stunning, custom-built applications built on a robust platform for seamless omnichannel deployment and reusability.  Meet MeetingTomorrow: Event Production and Tech Rental Partner …


Case Studies

Kaon has more than 25 years of experience delivering award-winning, interactive customer experiences for global B2B companies across life sciences, energy, networking infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, cloud computing, and more. Explore our case studies below.


Kaon Lab Design Tool

Optimize lab equipment, design, and workflow collaboratively The Kaon Lab Design Tool (LDT) offers game-changing, powerful ways to create, visualize, and engage any lab design layout. The LDT is advanced enough to support the most complex laboratory environment yet easy enough for almost anyone to use with little to no training. All lab designs are immediately available to experience in engaging 3D, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). For OEM Sales and Marketing Transform your sales team into solution consultants who help customers quickly go from understanding their lab equipment needs and your value proposition to understanding optimal space, workflow, and supporting equipment requirements.Accelerate sales by engaging customers in an immersive educational experience of their own lab environment…


Our Platform Advantage

Eliminate unnecessary costs and supercharge omnichannel customer engagement with a transformative enterprise-wide platform. Build Sustainable ROI The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform® delivers value at every touchpoint of the marketing and sales cycle. We create all of our customer applications on this extensible platform that enables you to develop once, use everywhere, and maintain always – for unlimited users. Not only will you save money on redevelopment and maintenance costs, but you also will increase efficiency by avoiding one-and-done content creation. Whether online or offline, in-person or virtual, create one interactive sales and marketing application that can be used anywhere in today’s hybrid buyer’s journey and will be updated in real-time to ensure sellers always have the most relevant messaging. Kaon’s…


Yahoo! Finance: B2B Sales Grapples With Going Fully Remote. Turns to Interactive Tech

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Award-Winning Innovations While Kaon likes to let our customers take center stage, our applications have been recognized by numerous industry-leading organizations and have won several awards, including:


Who We Are

At Kaon, we believe that… Engaging with your audience is better than presenting to them.B2B marketing and sales teams are more effective when customers use interactive applications at every stage of their buyer journey.Focusing on delivering an engaging customer experience that consistently reveals true value differentiators results in shorter sales cycles and higher win rates. Innovation Leaders Our innovations increase sales effectiveness and lower marketing costs for the world’s most visionary B2B companies. As the leading innovator of interactive 3D applications for global sales and marketing teams, the Kaon platform technology enables enterprises to simplify their complex stories at every customer touch-point. Our roots in inventing online, real-time, 3D multiplayer games formed the foundation of the technology that powers millions…


Our Leadership

Kaon's management team has a wide range of skills and experience, thereby allowing the company to lead through innovation, while rapidly adjusting to market dynamics and shifting industry trends. Thanks to this impressive depth of management, Kaon's customers achieve continuing sales and marketing success resulting from the development of innovative solutions that solve their real-world business challenges.


Cathy Vrountas

Cathy joined Kaon in 2019 to lead the company’s finance department. For over two decades, she has worked closely with entrepreneurs and management teams of growth-stage companies to ensure the availability of financial resources to support both operations and opportunities. Her industry experience is wide, including software and hardware development, manufacturing, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical. Cathy has arranged both government-backed and privately funded financing – ranging from the earliest stage asset-based and private equity funding, to large, multi-bank agented credit lines. Cathy holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University. She lives in Andover, MA.


Justin Gettler

As Kaon's Director of Creative Services, Justin Gettler leads a bright and energetic group of creative and technical minds. He brings over 15 years of experience in interactive and motion design for Fortune 500 accounts, obsesses over the smallest details, and is committed to delivering innovative solutions driven by strategy. While at Kaon, he has helped craft interactive sales and marketing solutions that seamlessly move between large displays, web, mobile and gesture devices. Prior to joining Kaon Interactive, Justin worked on a diverse portfolio of projects for Harpell Martins & Company and The Pohly Company.


Dana Drissel

Dana Drissel is a strategic marketing innovator specialized in campaign-driven programs that attract, retain, and nurture prospects through the sales pipeline. Currently Chief Marketing Officer for Kaon Interactive, she has defined the corporate brand, delivered ROI-based goal measurements, and has introduced a vast suite of Kaon solutions, building a fast growing base of industry-leading customers in a variety of business sectors.


John Heffernan

John Heffernan is a seasoned operations executive specialized in leading and growing profitable production groups within organizations. As Chief Operating Officer for Kaon Interactive, John oversees the creative service and project management groups, and is charged with the ongoing re-engineering of our creative and production processes, creating efficiencies and quality improvement for the company and our clients.


Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a founder of Kaon, and Alpha Geek (CTO) of the company. At Kaon, he has directed the company's technology platform evolution from Netscape Plug-ins, through Java, and into mobile. In addition to setting key technology strategy as CTO, he heads the platform and process automation teams within Kaon, ensuring Kaon's interactive applications can be deployed seamlessly throughout Kaon' s customer's marketing and sales teams.


Gavin Finn, Ph.D.

Gavin Finn is President & CEO of Kaon Interactive. He is responsible for the company's strategic, financial, product, and customer relationship strategies. In this capacity, he has led the successful transformation of the company's business model and marketing strategies. Gavin has instituted Kaon's continuous innovation process, resulting in the introduction of several award-winning solutions which have delivered significant improvements in customers' sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency.