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Shifting Digital B2B Sales & Marketing Needs in Europe

Meeting the Demands of 4D Buyer Engagement Tune into this moderated panel to learn how EU enterprise marketing pioneers enable and engage buyers in today’s 4D selling landscape (digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven). Discussion points include: Adapting to industry trends and rapid shifts/changesAccelerating the transformation of sales/marketingCreating consensus and trust among stakeholdersUnderstanding customers' experience requirements and their desire for controlPlanning for long-term, non-linear customer engagement journeysCommunicating complex stories and outcomesAgile and strong cross-functional approaches for growth


The 2023 Digital Pivot: Pragmatic & Progressive Measures to Fight the Recession

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes An unfortunate reality that goes without question is that the economy will always rise and fall. The inevitable ebbs and flows of commerce, now more than ever, seem like the natural order of things; what goes up, must eventually come down. Like any recession, depression, or disaster, what matters most is not how we’re affected, but how we adjust to the situation to thrive. This principle applies no differently to the digital landscape of B2B enterprises.  In today’s volatile, post-pandemic economy, a crucial part of being adaptable is being able to think ahead of the catastrophe and take the strategic actions necessary to mitigate risk. If we start to see layoffs, budget cuts, and loss…


Thriving in Challenging Financial Times

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Why visionary leaders see opportunity when others see challenges. It’s officially here. 2022 ushered in the first US economic recession since 2009. So how should you, as a business leader, respond?  The data says, quickly and decisively, if you’re to take advantage of this opportunity and limit risk.  Marketing leadership’s outlook. In their annual Pulse Survey, PwC provided a glimpse into how other CMOs and Marketing leaders view their organizations' challenges as we enter an environment we haven’t experienced since 2009.  On average, marketing leaders had a 10% bleaker outlook on how the macroeconomic environment would impact their company across all categories compared to their C-suite colleagues. The top concerns reported were tax policy changes,…


How CMOs Can Emerge Stronger During an Economic Downturn

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes According to Gartner, 70% of companies don’t regain their pre-recession growth levels in the 3-years following a recession, and only 5% of companies consistently achieve profitable growth above their competitors coming out of recession (simultaneously growing revenue and profit margin quarter-to-quarter). These are staggering numbers. The question is, WHY? Analysts like McKinsey have deemed that digital leaders are 3x more likely to achieve above-industry revenue and margin growth during a recession. But what defines a ‘digital leader’ and how, during a recession, do you pivot to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow you not just to survive but thrive? What is a Digital Leader? Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency,…


Why Labs Need Interactive Digital Tools to Handle Rapid Change

Lab Design Tool Gone are the days when clinical labs had to rarely or with long timeframes make changes to the configuration of their workspaces. Today, frequent and rapid change to clinical lab workspaces is the rule and not the exception. Skilled labor shortages. Rapid advances in assay development and authorization. Innovations in instrument technologies. Dynamic and variable demand for unpredictable volumes of tests. Changing requirements for sample and consumable storage environments. Evolving safety standards and protocols. Lab operations managers are facing these challenges and more in the market, leading to a need for new ways to manage and configure labs. With constant change and new requirements, lab operations and configurations must be prepared to adapt. Lab managers need to plan for…


Missed Opportunities at AABB 2022

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Our thoughts are with the residents of the communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. The cancellation of the AABB 2022 Annual Meeting, due to extremely unfortunate circumstances, sent exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees scrambling. After two years of virtual trade shows and events due to the global pandemic, we are getting back to traveling for in-person, face-to-actual-face events finally. Now, this. If we have learned anything from the past two years, it’s that we hope for the best and plan for the worst, which means always having a business continuity plan (in this case, an event continuity plan) in place. Virtual Product Demos – It’s Past Time for A Contingency Plan Did you know that the number…


Harnessing the Flow State to Increase Buyer Engagement

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes By now, we all know there is no benefit to multitasking – though it’s often necessary – it hampers productivity and knowledge retention. But, have we learned to focus on a single task?  Maybe, you have experienced a condition known as a flow state. When your mind focuses on one task, you are at your most creative and most capable of retaining what you learn. So, how does this apply to the buying and selling process? Your buyer’s world is full of distractions – some welcoming, but most counterproductive. As the day progresses, these distractions can lead to directed attention fatigue, an overall lack of interest due to mental fatigue. Mental fatigue leads to decreased…


Overcoming the Elevator Pitch: Buying into the Buyer Experience

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Before technology became ubiquitous in every aspect of life, the buyer-seller relationship was much more of an even exchange. The door-to-door knife salesperson would demonstrate how their cutting solutions could slice through an empty can of cola and point out how the old, outdated implement you were holding couldn’t. There would be the talk of a singular pain point, a singular solution, and a price point. It was personal. It was relevant. Or perhaps you’ve heard of the “elevator pitch,” where the seller has about 30 seconds to quickly sell you a product (or a screenplay or a shoe-shine), and you’re presented with two options: shake hands to seal the deal, or walk off at…


Transcending Old Sales Patterns: 5 Advantages of Virtual Events

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes In recent years, virtual events have made their importance known. While first used for convenience, then out of necessity, long-lasting benefits were made clear through the continued use of virtual events as part of an engagement marketing strategy. A buyer’s takeaway from traditional events (walking from booth to booth or room to room) doesn’t necessarily have a long-lasting impression and there is a significant cost required.  Travel, in-person networking, pounding the expo floor, and decision fatigue – not to mention all those emails piling up in their inboxes – can keep potential buyers from retaining the information they want to take home with them. Sales strategies benefit from including a digital presence. While not necessarily…


Engaging Customers & Competing More Effectively at Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin has partnered with Kaon Interactive to create an interactive digital sales experience. The goal is to develop an omnichannel and scalable application, deployed on an enterprise-wide platform, that we can use to: Consistently communicate our competitive value story. Enable our sellers (channel, direct, BDs) to have more sophisticated conversations without the support of SMEs. Elevate collaboration engagement everywhere our buyers are (events, sales meetings, executive briefings, training, on the web, etc.). Parker Application Roadmap 3 Easy Steps to Add Your Parker Story #1: Fill Out Parker’s Creative Brief Download and complete a creative brief for your division. The creative brief is a series of strategic questions to help us better understand your business, go-to-market strategy, and the sales…


Engagement Vs. Disruption in B2B Marketing

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes An unfortunate reality for engagement marketing is that a long-term strategy is a hard sell to a client that wanted results yesterday. Conversely, a flash-in-the-pan strategy is often an easy sell.  But quick fixes are not viable long-term solutions. While urgency and execution may be needed up front, we need to think about both depth and distance for continued results over time. A solid marketing strategy should be seen as a marathon and not a sprint. Agility over long periods of time will always have a stronger ROI over a reactive focus on the now. So you’ve found your audience. Now what? We’ve seen disruptive marketing technologies and tactics be the hero of the day…


Effective Customer Engagement in a Digital-First World

By 2025, 80% of B2B buyer and seller interactions will occur in digital channels. Pair this with another Gartner study that illustrates that 43% of buyers overall, and 54% of millennial buyers, would prefer a rep-free experience, and it is clear that we must make every touchpoint count. A Shift in Control | Internal & External This transformation to digital-first has shifted the way we engage audiences. Due to an ever-increasing desire for self-service and self-discovery, companies must now empower internal and external customers to take control and digitally problem-solve independently. This will build trust, so when customers are ready to further the conversation, J&J will be positioned as the company to help them solve their problems. More and more,…