Sales & Marketing Alignment in Today’s 4D Environment, 8th September, 2022

How are you transforming your customer experience in the new digital landscape? The move to “4D” selling, which is digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven, has redefined how organizations reach and engage customers. Customers are constantly raising the bar, but sales and marketing teams often fall short in consistently or concisely communicating their value story. Leading organizations are incorporating marketing messages inside immersive storytelling experiences that include 3D Product Tours, calculators, configurators, videos, and much more to engage customers. So how are you connecting the dots across the sales and marketing technology ecosystem to generate more consistent growth and better customer engagements? Join us and a select group of marketing leaders to discuss challenges and gain insights to help you differentiate…


How B2B Sales is Changing Through Virtual Engagement

Image Credit: Foundr Magazine The world in which B2B sales happen is skewing digital. How are you keeping up with this pace of change to offer engaging, collaborative tools to your sales team? This is a challenge for many enterprises that were forced to quickly pivot to virtual sales meetings and implemented the best, albeit not highly effective, tools they could find. Now, collaboration technology and engagement platforms are available. Enterprises, however, should carefully evaluate these technologies for their specific challenges, use cases, users, and audience so that they deliver ROI and impact. "The importance of face-to-face meetings isn’t the face-to-face part. It’s the part where you do things together. It’s the part where a vendor and a customer work…


Transform Your Sales Cycle with a Digital Buyer Engagement Strategy

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes The B2B buyer demographic is shifting toward millennials and Generation Z. As such, this demographic is highly digital and independent.  Gone are the days of relying on a couple of channels, like email and phone calls, in a linear buyer’s journey. Today’s buyers are on a non-linear problem-solving exploration.  The overwhelming consensus is that a multi-faceted, personalized, mostly touchless approach is required to connect with potential buyers.  Enterprises are starting to act to these trends and continue to innovate how they are reaching and engaging their buyers. “Providing the customer with a set of simple to use, yet powerful digital solutions is critical to keeping a level of engagement with them throughout the entire cycle…


$1 Trillion in Losses: The Cost of B2B Sales and Marketing Misalignment

Realize Instant ROI from Sales and Marketing Alignment Did you know that only 2% of sales and marketing teams consider their working relationships excellent and that on average sales ignore 80% of the leads and marketing content provided to them? Discussion Topics Why B2B sales teams are not using the content that marketing providesThe true difference between sales enablement and buyer enablementThe science behind creating highly qualified and engaged buyers for salesStrategies and tools that will help sales and marketing align throughout the sales funnel to close more dealsWays to create better sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency


Increase Sales Enablement Through Interactive Customer Engagement Platforms

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Customers now more than ever are not engaged with old sales methods and presentations. The simple fact of the matter is that the once tried and true tactics have failed to keep up with the times. In today’s B2B landscape, a potential buyer needs more than an impersonal cold call or PowerPoint. There needs to be a memorable exchange that drives the conversation and piques curiosity.  The old saying used to be “the customer’s always right,” but nowadays it should change to “the customer should always be engaged.”  According to “Why Customer Engagement Platforms Are So Important,” by ZenDesk, a brand can create emotional connections with customers by engaging in the communication channels that are…


Reach Next-Generation Buyers: A Trade Show Digital Marketing Strategy

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes “What are you doing?”  The salesman at the trade show booth I am visiting asks, perplexed. For the last three minutes, he watched me attempt to tap, zoom, slide, and rotate the product model on the display screen with no success.  I had hoped to avoid talking to a salesperson at all and learn about the product offering myself – until I noticed that the screen I was tapping on had small numbers reading 1/195 on the top left of it.  Unfortunately, I was trying to interact with a 195-page PDF document. Growing up in the age of iPhones, iPads, and Fruit Ninja, I’ve been manipulating screens with my fingers for as long as I…


Simplify Complex Product Sales to Convey Your Value

Even if you have the best product, you will lose deals if competitors communicate value more clearly. With Kaon's life science product engagement tools, you can create engaging, interactive environments that simplify your solution, helping shorten sales cycles and increase revenue. Kaon partners with life science companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and BD to help them combine products, solutions, and value stories in a single immersive environment, complete with a game-changing Lab Design Tool. Your market is constantly changing. Your customers spend roughly two-thirds (57%-70%) of their buyer journey not speaking with you, and the expectation is that by 2025, 80% of your sales interaction with customers will take place in the digital channel. This means that…


How is Engagement Marketing Changing B2B Sales?

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Traditionally, B2B sales and marketing collaboration has been limited to static marketing collateral and lead handoffs. The marketing and sales teams each had defined roles in the business development process, which they owned. The now-tired analogy of marketing throwing prescribed content and tools over the wall expecting sales to catch and run with them was true. Fast forward to now. Enterprises are reconsidering customers' expectations in the buying process. Customer experience – what they want, not what you want to give them – is paramount. Buyers expect more from companies, according to Make Music, Not Noise by Accenture. “Customer expectations for personalized experiences and end-to-end solutions are significantly higher than they were just a few…


Nathan Pichette

Nathan Pichette is the senior ABM manager at Kaon Interactive.


Digital Experiences Can Shape Your Life Science Sales & Marketing

Clinical Lab Products Expert Panel Do you have an engaging way to communicate your complex value story? Stop presenting and start giving customers a way to engage with your cutting-edge solutions! Join this expert panel, moderated by Chris Wolski, Chief Editor at Clinical Lab Products, to learn how pioneers in life science marketing are enabling and engaging buyers in today’s 4D selling landscape (digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven). Discussion Topics Understanding customers' experience requirements and their desire for controlAdapting to industry trends and rapid shiftsBuilding consensus and trust among stakeholdersCommunicating complex value stories (from sample collection to treatment and everything in between) Facilitating customers' decision-making based on personal value assessmentsPlanning for long-term customer engagement journeysCreating agile and strong cross-functional approaches for…


A New Sales Methodology for Changing Customer Expectations

For eight years, Abbott and Kaon have been partners. Together, we build applications that unify and inform Abbott’s evolving value to your prospects and customers. Our collaborative applications help Abbott Molecular, Core Lab, Transfusion, Vascular, and Cardiovascular bring new products to the market, transform labs, reveal ROI, educate ambassadors, and demonstrate scientific leadership and innovation throughout the industry. Kaon's applications can provide a simple, fast, and interactive way to educate and train sales teams on the features and value of complex offerings. In addition, more engaging learning environments shorten the learning cycle of complex concepts, thus helping sales teams more effectively position new and existing products. In Q1 2022, 750+ sellers used the Abbott Alinity M digital application. 33% of…

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Kaon Revamps Post-Pandemic Office as Hybrid Meeting Space

MAYNARD, Mass., May 3, 2022 -- Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of interactive sales and marketing applications for B2B enterprises, has announced the reopening and revamp of its Maynard, MA, headquarters as a hybrid work collaboration space. It marks the reopening of Kaon's offices since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  Kaon redesigned the 11,219-square-foot facility to remove all private offices and cubicles and transform the location into open collaboration spaces with a full suite of video conferencing capabilities to foster hybrid work teams along with hot desks. The space will become available to Kaon's now fully remote workforce to use for in-person and virtual meetings, focused working sessions, and private desk space as needed. The collaborative meeting spaces will be equipped with Kaon's…


Siemens Healthineers Customer Engagement to Simplify the Complex

Per Gartner, by 2025, 80% of interactions between B2B buyers and sellers will take place in digital channels. Pair this with another Gartner study that illustrates that 43% of buyers overall, and 54% of millennial buyers, would prefer a rep-free experience, and it is clear that we must make every touchpoint count. This is particularly true in the dynamic and complex MedTech industry, where Siemens Healthineers customers have many options when selecting solutions to increase clinical and operational efficiencies. Differentiation is key. Value is the differentiator. Inspire customers with exciting experiences that demonstrate Siemens Healthineers' understanding of their challenges and activate their curiosity to learn more. Whether in-person or virtual, Kaon’s customer engagement applications provide a seamless hybrid experience that…