Earning the Unengaged Prospect | Live Podcast

B2B buying behaviors have shifted toward buyer-centric digital self-discovery resulting in buyers spending only 17% of their time with sellers. This change means getting clear, value-based messaging into the hands of your buyers is the differentiator between you and your competitors, especially for higher price-point, complex offerings. We invite you to join an exclusive live recording of The B2B Engagement Podcast with Marc Weber, Vice President of Digitization and Client Commerce at IBM. Marc and Gavin will discuss how to: Create competitive advantages before buyers even talk to sales Build a seamless buyer's journey from the web to in-person Empower sellers with personalized buyer experiences Use digital channels to add value at every customer touch point

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Kaon’s Customer Experience Platform Tops Aragon Research Globe

Maynard, MA, August 9, 2023 – Kaon Interactive, a leading provider of B2B interactive sales and marketing software applications, has been featured in Aragon Research’s annual Aragon Research Globe looking at the top customer experience platforms. “CEOs are looking at CX as a way to emerge from economic uncertainty positioned for growth. Adversity and budget scrutiny have forced marketers to rebalance budgets and invest in solutions that drive performance and profitability while orchestrating customer journeys to drive omnichannel experiences. We are proud to be recognized by Aragon Research as a company that can achieve these outcomes, helping B2B leaders gain a competitive edge.” -- Dana Drissel, CMO, Kaon Interactive This year’s Aragon Research Globe looked at 17 customer experience platforms…


Strategic Success in 2024 and Beyond

The pressure to deliver short-term marketing and sales goals is more intense than ever. Meanwhile, higher spending scrutiny, resource limitations, rapid AI developments, and rising customer expectations are just some of the pressures fueled by today's realities. It may feel natural to freeze up at a time like this, but the data calls for the opposite. Why Digital Engagement, Why Now, How to Implement Companies can’t merely experiment with omnichannel and personalization. To win market share, they must be all in, continuing to invest even amid uncertain macroeconomic conditions. -- McKinsey 1- Gartner 2- McKinsey 3- Gartner 4- Gartner 5- Gartner 6- Forrester 1- Business Wire 2- Forbes 3- McKinsey Where are winners investing? Companies that are using all of…


Accommodating for Rapid Change & Lab Equipment Innovation

The industry experts on this panel discuss the importance of digitization and virtual collaboration in the context of laboratory equipment sales and marketing. When scientists and customers focus on protocols and scientific contributions rather than product-level thinking, the use of digital tools facilitates customer-centric collaboration -- whether remotely or in person. Digitization has become more complex, but it helps in visualizing lab designs in 3D and streamlining workflows. The conversation highlights the need for flexibility in lab design to accommodate future changes and adapt to supply chain disruptions. The panel emphasizes the value of modular designs and the ability to map out lab spaces virtually, saving time and resources. Automation is also discussed, both in terms of complete lab automation…


Digital Experiences that Shape Your Life Science Sales & Marketing

Listen in to a discussion between Brian Wagner (Founder & CEO of Health Insights Consulting Group; formerly at BD & GE Healthcare), Joel Cowen (VP of Commercial - Immuno at DiaSorin), Terry Coutsolioutsos (formerly SVP, Marketing, Sales Operations, Communications at Siemens Healthineers), and Gavin Finn -- moderated by Chris Wolski (Chief Editor of Clinical Lab Products Magazine) -- on the topic of digital transformation and its impact on customer experience in the life science industry. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on pain points and address customer needs in a visually-driven way. They discuss the shift from traditional push marketing to pull marketing in which companies aim to understand and address customer challenges more efficiently and effectively. The conversation…


Becoming a Business-to-Human Marketer

The B2B Engagement Podcast with IBM Guest: Scott Baker, CMO & VP of IBM Hybrid Cloud Portfolio and Product Marketing Hosted by Gavin FinnEdited by Dana PolihovskyOriginal music by Andrew Strout Listen and follow The B2B EngagementApple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts In this episode, Gavin and Scott dive into the world of enterprise marketing with a focus on the business-to-human approach. Learn how to connect with customers on an authentic and empathetic level Provide personalized experiences that add value at every touch point Explore the importance of understanding unique business challenges Become a trusted advisor, consultant, or friend to your audience Join us as we explore the power of genuine connections and empathetic marketing to cut through the…


Automatica 2023: Three Trends in the Robotics Industry

The field of robotics is rapidly transforming industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail. Based on an exclusive interview with Stefan Drakensjö, VP of Marketing and Sales, General Industries at ABB Robotics, during the Automatica Fair in Munich, we break down current trends in the robotics industry. The Transformation and Major Trends in Robotics The robotics industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with automation and robotics becoming increasingly prevalent in various sectors. Drakensjö highlights some of the major trends observed in the industry: Sustainability: Companies across industries are prioritizing sustainability, and robotics plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable practices both in manufacturing and consumption. Uncertainty: Recent years have been marked by significant uncertainty, driven by macroeconomic disruptions in sectors…

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Kaon Interactive Awarded Patent for Multi-User Augmented Reality Technology

Accelerate Buying Decisions with Engaging Collaborative User Experiences MAYNARD, Mass., July 10, 2023 -- Kaon Interactive, a leading provider of B2B interactive sales and marketing software applications, today announced that it has been awarded its most recent patent for an innovative method and system that allows multiple users to interact concurrently with the same objects in augmented reality. Kaon Interactive's commitment to enhancing customer experiences and understanding of complex B2B solutions is evident in its robust research and development program. By pioneering the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for enterprise sales and marketing, Kaon aims to provide innovative solutions that transform how businesses showcase and communicate their offerings. Kaon AR applications are helping customers not only…


Navigating the Digital Era: Budgeting for Customer-Centric B2B Sales and Marketing

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, B2B companies must adapt their strategies to stay competitive. With the rise of remote work, the demand for seamless digital customer engagement, and the changing workforce dynamics, traditional sales and marketing approaches no longer suffice. This is where customer engagement technology and budgetary reallocations come into play. Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive, emphasizes the need for a customer-centric approach in both sales and marketing. As customers increasingly rely on digital channels for research and decision-making, businesses must allocate funds to activities that facilitate a frictionless digital customer experience. Here are the key takeaways for budgeting in the digital era: Embrace the Digital Shift: Allocate funds away from traditional in-person interactions and invest in…


Executives See Marketing Opportunity in Digital Engagement

How Sales & Marketing Alignment and Data-Driven Decision-Making Drive Digital Engagement Strategy In this insightful conversation, Joe Cumello discusses the changing landscape of B2B marketing and sales. He emphasizes the need for B2B marketers and salespeople to adapt to evolving customer behaviors in the digital era. Cumello highlights the importance of investing in a digital engagement model that captures and analyzes every touchpoint across sales and marketing, enabling organizations to shape outcomes and win deals. The integration of sales and marketing, along with executive leadership support, is crucial for driving alignment and achieving success in the go-to-market function. With a focus on customer engagement, data-driven decision-making, and collaboration between teams, B2B organizations can navigate the changing dynamics of the market…

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Kaon Enhances B2B Platform with AI Navigation & Personalized Learning

Accelerate Buying Decisions with Artificial intelligence & Award-Winning Customer Engagement Boston, MA, June 26, 2023 -- Kaon Interactive, a leading provider of B2B interactive sales and marketing applications, announces the addition of an AI-based navigation recommendation engine to its platform. This innovative capability helps B2B enterprises empower their prospects to make better and faster buying decisions. Users benefit by obtaining a personalized understanding of a potential solution's specific value to them. According to Gartner, a staggering 83% of the B2B buyer's journey occurs without any direct involvement from salespeople. As a consequence, buyers find themselves adrift in a vast ocean of information, tasked with independently deciphering challenges and uncovering suitable solutions. This overwhelming process often leaves customers without a comprehensive…


Kaon Interactive Wins 2023 Communicator Award of Excellence

Leading interactive B2B sales and marketing digital customer engagement platform Kaon Interactive has been awarded the 2023 Communicator Award of Excellence by the Academy for Interactive Visual Arts in the B2B Mobile Application and Website category. For more than 25 years, Kaon Interactive has created a clear vision of how to engage customers in problem-solving experiences. Kaon’s strategy of leading with value-based outcomes and hyper-personalized experiences sets an example for the entire industry to follow. Kaon Interactive is privileged to partner with innovative marketing leaders across life sciences, energy, networking infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, cloud computing, and more to deliver award-winning experiences that bring those visions and strategies to life.

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Kaon Interactive Wins 2023 Communicator Award

Maynard, MA, June 21, 2023 – Leading interactive B2B sales and marketing digital customer engagement platform Kaon Interactive has been awarded the 2023 Communicator Award of Excellence by the Academy for Interactive Visual Arts in the B2B Mobile Application and Website category. "Digital engagement has become a differentiating competitive advantage for visionary B2B enterprises. In today's fast-paced business environment, buyers are seeking more self-serve ways to evaluate complex solutions quickly. We help our customers increase their buyer engagement, understanding, and, ultimately, sales, which is the real prize." -- Kaon Interactive CMO Dana Drissel For more than 25 years, Kaon Interactive has created a clear vision of how to engage customers in problem-solving experiences. Kaon's strategy of leading with value-based outcomes and hyper-personalized experiences sets…


Humanizing Digital Customer Engagement

Embracing Technology for a Seamless Sales Experience In today's ever-evolving sales landscape, the successful thrive on change and challenge. From the rise of remote work to the demand for seamless customer-driven engagement, sales teams are finding themselves at a crossroads. But amidst these shifts, a new wave of technology is emerging, breathing life into customer engagement and transforming the way businesses connect with their buyers. Are you accepting the challenge to change constantly? Picture this: a sales team, once accustomed to traditional in-person meetings, now adapts to a world where remote selling has become the norm. It's a paradigm shift that has come to stay, long after the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has waned. As companies navigate this new…


Dell Technologies World: Insights for Modern, Personal, Large-Scale B2B Events

From visionary keynotes to curated conversations, Dell Technologies World is the premier tech conference to learn, celebrate, and connect. Dell focused this year's event on simplistic solutions designed to help customers solve IT challenges while promoting sustainability and security. The event leaned into personal and practical learning at every level. Notably, Dell employed Braindate, a web-based meeting and learning platform, to enable Dell employees and event attendees to book meetings and host small roundtable-style sessions. Kaon Interactive, Dell’s digital customer engagement partner, hosted an impromptu session on Braindate to delve into topics such as how B2B tech marketing and sales leaders are adapting to changing buyer behaviors. Event Overview Dell Technologies World brought together a substantial crowd of between 8,000…