Sales & Marketing Alignment in Today’s 4D Environment – West

How can sales and marketing teams communicate their value differentiation to accelerate growth and drive better customer engagements? The move to “4D” selling, which is digital, dynamic, distributed, and data-driven, has redefined the way organizations reach and engage customers. Customers are constantly raising the bar, but sales and marketing teams often fall short when it comes to consistently or concisely communicating their value story. Leading organizations are integrating marketing messages inside immersive storytelling experiences, with 3D Product Tours, calculators, configurators, videos, and more, to engage customers. So, how are you connecting the dots across the sales and marketing technology ecosystem to generate more consistent growth and better customer engagements? Join Kaon Interactive and a select group of marketing leaders to…


Digitally Engaging Bosch Rexroth’s Customers — Everywhere

Buyers and influencers are increasingly researching and buying online. We need to be ready to meet them where they are. According to Forrester, 70-90% of the B2B buyer’s journey is done digitally prior to engaging a vendor. Customers who interact with value-based storytelling remember key differentiators 75% more -- three times the engagement and knowledge retention achieved by a B2B website. Digital engagement everywhere -- in CU.BE, online, during sales meetings, or at trade shows.


Fewer Resources, Greater Buyer Engagement Goals

B2B Market(ing) Uncertainty Live Podcast Almost a quarter into 2023, you may feel the pressure of delivering results - and soon - as market uncertainty continues. Long sales cycles, demanding pipelines, and effectively educating and engaging your customer may seem like challenges too big to tackle, especially with consistently limited resources. Join Dalila Babou, Global Marketing Manager at TE Connectivity, and Gavin Finn, CEO at Kaon Interactive, to discuss: Why the urgency for change is higher now than ever before How to meet changing customer needs Overcoming internal friction that leads to poor customer experience and low customer satisfaction How to create a customized experience for each customer segment Ways to align marketing with sales and corporate goals


Are You Being Asked… ?

According to a Forrester study, B2B marketing organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to unlock success - even with highly-skilled, innovative teams. The pressure on B2B marketing teams has increased significantly in recent years due to the shift to digital tools, the changing B2B customer, and microeconomic influences. B2B enterprises that thrive during such pressures are those that see an opportunity to: Engage customers across multiple channels Influence customers before they buy (with value-based messaging) Generate pipeline for sales and align with business goals Read below about how leaders at Fortinet, Siemens, and HPE unlocked the code to thrive in times of market(ing) uncertainty.


Conversations for Better B2B Digital Customer Engagement in 2023

Explore this conversation video library for valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your B2B digital customer engagement marketing efforts. Digital customer engagement is an essential component of any modern business, and it's crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends and strategies to succeed in a crowded digital world. Explore a conversation between two prominent figures in the digital marketing and customer engagement industries, Neil Patel and Gavin Finn. Their discussion covers a range of topics related to B2B digital engagement marketing, from how executives view marketing as a key business driver, to creating scalable omnichannel buyer engagement. They also provide actionable advice on how marketers can help shorten the sales cycle, why digital transformation is a…


Effectively Managing Sales and Marketing’s Digital and Cultural Transformation

Automatica Industrial Executive Roundtable Digital leaders are 3x more likely to overcome pressures from ambitious targets, change management, and rigid mentalities. But what defines a “digital leader,” and how are sales and marketing leaders embracing change to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow their business to not only survive but thrive? Join a select group of industry peers for a breakfast roundtable before Automatica to discuss where executives are seeing an opportunity to thrive over the next 12 months. For registration details, please click here to email Dana Polihovsky. Discussion Topics Adapting to change (complexity, competition, consolidation, etc.) Sustaining innovation during rapidly changing times Better serving customers’ experience requirements across generations Elevating product sellers to consultative, outcome-based, value advisors Transformation…


The Science of Customer Engagement: Interactive Transformation versus Digital Transformation

Distraction Did you know that from 1970 to 2020, you have been bombarded with more than 10 times the number of advertisements and commercial messages every single day? The number of channels that you engage with has increased from fewer than five (radio, tv, and print, for example) to dozens (multiple social platforms, news alerts, text messages, emails, podcasts, streaming video, on and on). Additionally, in the past three years, the level of distraction has dramatically increased as a result of the shift from in-person work to remote/hybrid environments. Because of the decrease in collaborative office environments, the number of meetings that the average professional has in a week increased by a factor of five (i.e. 500% increase) while the…


The Future of Work & Meetings in 2023 is Hybrid Collaboration

The landscape of the working world has seen an incredible amount of change over the past few years, says Tech Times. Although much of that change has been positive, such as reduced costs for remote work and improved work-life balance for employees, some aspects of company life, such as meetings, now pose new challenges. With remote and hybrid work here to stay, enterprises need to look at how to combine technology with meetings to enable hybrid collaboration. When done right, this collaboration leads to increased innovation, effectiveness, creativity, access, efficiency, and cost savings. Productive collaboration among hybrid teams calls for assessing and incorporating new technologies beyond audio and video conferencing solutions. Kaon Interactive recognized the engagement challenge facing enterprise sellers…


How Sales and Marketing Leaders Digitally Transform in Economic Uncertainty

How do sales and marketing leaders achieve corporate growth in a recession? Analysts at McKinsey have deemed that digital leaders are 3x more likely to achieve above-industry revenue and margin growth during a recession. But what defines a "digital leader," and how, during economic uncertainty, do sales and marketing leaders pivot to achieve these necessary accelerations that allow their business to not only survive but thrive? Join a select group of industry peers to discuss where executives are seeing an opportunity to thrive over the next 12 months, despite economic uncertainty. Discussion Topics How is the recession driving changes in B2B companies? How has recent change (complexity, competition, consolidation, and customer needs) shifted business strategy and focus? How will customer…

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Kaon Interactive’s LiveShare Wins Best New Product of the Year from Business Intelligence Awards

MAYNARD, Mass., Nov. 29, 2022 -- Kaon Interactive's virtual B2B sales meeting and collaboration experience LiveShare® has been awarded New Product of the Year in Business Intelligence's 2022 BIG Awards for Business. The award recognizes companies' new products that have produced industry-leading innovation. LiveShare launched in early 2022 to solve the unique pressing challenges experienced by B2B enterprise sales teams as they transitioned to today's digital-first remote and hybrid work. Tailored specifically for B2B sales meetings, LiveShare was designed around the philosophy that sales meetings must actively engage all participants rather than rely on passive screen sharing to avoid distraction, a lack of individual personalization, and limited participation. LiveShare's Core Benefits Accelerate buying and reveal more accurate customer needs through buyer self-discovery and…


Dell Enables Sales to Focus on Customer Outcomes that Matter Most, Not Dell Products

Interactive Experiences Dell Technologies’ digital transformation journey started with the need to show the value of its complex products during in-person sales meetings. A Kaon customer since 2001, the Dell Interactive Solution Application dives deep into the insides of more than 50 products, demonstrating their value story across the world, on every device. Eighty-eight percent of sales users say the application helps them qualify leads and close deals. Dell continues to expand the application with more value stories and updated 3D Product Tours. Dell launched the newest expansion – the Computer Vision and Edge Interactive Application – within the larger application to showcase its computer vision solution at Dell Technologies World 2022.  "All discussions start off with the customer's current…


Enterprise B2B Doubles Down on Digital Selling for 2023

Digital Selling's Impact on B2B Sales The vast majority of enterprise firms have adopted at least some hybrid work policies permanently. As a result, it has produced a new paradigm. This is particularly true for sales and marketing functions that have made pivotal shifts to digital transformation. Complex B2B transactions were the last bastion of sales and business development to rely on a fully digital approach to closing deals. Significant investments have been made into cultivating high-level relationships and communicating complex value stories in a digital medium. One of the companies that enterprise Fortune 500 firms have turned to in facilitating that pivot has been Kaon Interactive, whose namesake digital selling platform as well as its recently launched hybrid meeting platform, LiveShare®,…