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Malvern Turns Lost Sales Into $150,000 in Annual Savings

With a fast-growing portfolio of products, Malvern was challenged with finding new, consistent and interesting ways of making the market aware that the company had a much larger portfolio of products. Beyond just awareness, the company also needed to develop tools to sell these newer products to their existing customer base. While the sales venues and channels remained the same, the ability to show the expanded line of products at meetings and within their exhibit space became an ever-increasing challenge. On average, Malvern brought two products to a show due to space limitations. However, when it came time to introduce the Spraytec™, a particle-sized distribution analyzer for nasal sprays and aerosols, the launch posed a challenge for the company. Further,…

case study

Fujitsu Generates $25 Million in Online Sales Opportunities by Reusing Trade Show Virtual Product Demos

Fujitsu’s significant outbound marketing efforts include exhibition in nearly a dozen major trade shows and up to 75 regional events per year. For inventory control purposes, products for demonstration must be ‘rented’ from the company’s inventory department for use. While the cost represents only a fraction of the value of the product, based on the time it is out of stock, these expenses still total hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. To illustrate how significant product costs can be, take for example a 10X10 booth. In a smaller space, one rack of equipment would likely be required. A single rack, which weighs approximately 700 pounds, holds two to three shelves which support 20 to 25 cards. The total “street” value…

case study

BD Increases Medical Device Global Reach and Eliminates Product Shipping Costs to Save $168k in 2 Years

The Solution Núñez turned to Kaon Interactive to create an interactive photo-realistic 3D Product Model to be used at trade shows that would not only help reduce marketing costs, but also better communicate the complexity of BD’s products, even if the real product was present. Kaon’s 3D Product Model (which looks and behaves exactly like the actual product) allows customers to view the BD Viper System from every angle, exploring options and features (open drawers, show process, etc.), controlling their own, customized experiences based on personal preferences. This engaging 3D virtual product experience was showcased on the Kaon v-OSK® HD touch-screen appliances, sales laptops and iPads®, making the virtual product demonstrations accessible anywhere, anytime, including at sales meetings, numerous regional…